KDrama Review: The King: Eternal Monarch (Episode 13)

May 31, 2020

I am still in the middle of my rewatch marathon (as of this writing, finished episode 9), but the latest episode just came out and I just cannot delay my review in it. There are a lot of things to digest in, and I just have to let them all out. It's still a week to go before the next episode comes out so there's plenty of time to over analyze (👀) all of the information that is given to us as audience of this drama.

And so here are my thoughts, commentaries, questions, and theories about this episode and the over-all plot:

  • So, Lady Noh indeed originally came from RoK. He was taken there by King Haejong, LG's grandfather. She accepted it as her destiny.
    Questions: Why did he do that? What was the purpose? Why her? Also, what happened to Lady Noh's doppelganger in KoC? What was the book that she showed JTE? Why did LG give her the book with the Azaleas poems, or was that even significant to the overall plot?
  • I love that standoff between JTE and PM Koo. JTE was so bad-ass for dropping all the bombs to PM Koo. JTE is really a detective.
  • "Criminals act recklessly when cornered."
  • Even the forensics lady, the wife of JTE's boss exists in KoC and works for the palace.
  • The fan theories were true: the lightning scars appear for those who killed their doppelgangers. The only exception that I see with that rule is LG. The scarier part that we saw in this episode is that those scars can cause death to its bearers. Is this the Universe's punishment for those who have disturbed the balance between the two parallel worlds?
    Questions: Why does LG have the lightning scar? Did he accidentally shoot his younger self in some other timeline (when he tries to go back in time)? But I think this theory is very unlikely because it seems like the flow of time is one uniform line -- it doesn't break into infinite timelines whenever a change takes course. It was mentioned in Episode 2 that the RoK and KoC timeline were exactly the same, up to that point of one king (I couldn't recall the name of the king) and up to that time forward, the history of RoK and KoC became different.
  • Jangmi also has a counterpart in KoC! The scene wherein JTE and KoC Jangmi was talking in the car is so cute. 
  • So, LL indeed uses another portal to cross worlds. It was hinted in the episode that the portal is located near cinnamon trees.
    Questions: So what was the significance of those two landmarks that's being shown in the intro? Well fans have been theorizing that those other two landmarks are portals to other timelines (past & future). At this point in the story, there's no evidence for this to be true.
  • The pregnant lady has been switched. I am kinda relieved that they did not kill off one of them, because it would been killing the baby also. 
    Questions: How did LL know the gender of the baby? In another episode, PM Koo also tells the mother that the baby is a girl.
  • The flower that LG gives JTE in Episode 10 is shown in her room when Luna was looking around. JTE gets another set of seeds and scatters them in the portal. I think this further proves that the yellow tree within the purple fields shown in the first few seconds of the intro is located in the portal, and those were the seeds that JTE planted. I have this theory that those flowers that LG gave to JTE were from the portal.
    Questions: What will be the trigger for those seeds to grow?
  • So, the plan is to turn back time to get the flute before it gets sliced in half. Both LG and LL have this realization, so I guess the next episodes would show both of them racing back in time to get hold of the flute.
    Question: What will happen if LL and LG cross the portal at the same time? Is there a chance for them to meet inside the portal?
  • LG tells JTE that they should see the breaking dawn together. Did they sleep together that night? 😳
  • It seems like JY and  KSJ are starting to get along. JY asks straightforward if KSJ has feelings for JTE, of which he doesn't deny. JY is worried about LG and JTE's relationship because it is too complicated. They belong to different worlds. It doesn't seem right.
  • When JY and LG meet again, I find their interaction so cute. They were like a couple catching up with each other after a long time. 🤣
  • It was heart wrenching to see PM Koo get taken down like that. I have rooted for her somehow because she's such a bad-ass female leader. 
  • I think Luna is really not that evil. I have a soft spot for her because she really likes cats (like me!). 😻 Also seeing her in pain in the van was so moving. I felt her pain. Kudos to Kim Go Eun, she's really a great actress!
  • So, it's JTE who gives LG the dress that he uses when he saves his younger self in the past. We know LG to be a bad shooter, so how come he would be able to overpower all of LL's followers? Also I really think the location of the scar on LG's neck is not an editing mistake. I think he would go to the past several times and it just so happens that the younger version of him that survives got scar on the other side of his neck.
  • Also have another theory about JTE and LG's love story: I think they will be stuck in time for a while. I really liked this theory on Twitter:
I think one of them will move forward while the other one moves backward in time. They'll meet in the middle up to the point wherein the portal gets closed. I am still not sure how this would be neatly explained.
  • I still remember that easter egg in the first episode wherein "Luna" in the rabbit suit runs to the forest, and there was also a clue where the case of the sword was shown as empty. Lady Noh was also seen several times contemplatively staring at it. I think the sword will have some role in maintaining the balance of the two worlds. 
  • Why is Nari's hair still long? Didn't a previous episode show that she cut her hair short? This is also another aspect that's boggling me.
  • The clock on the drama's logo had always been moving counter-clockwise. Now in the preview for EP14, it started to tick clockwise. Is this another easter egg? 🥚
Episode Rating: ★★★★★
Oh well, we have a week until the next episode airs! I am really enjoying all the theories and discussions taking place online about this drama. I love it! This is indeed part of the joy of watching this drama. I can't wait!

RoK - Republic of Korea
KoC - Kingdom of Corea
JTE - Jung Tae Eul
LL - Lee Lim
JY - Jo Yeong
KSJ - Kang Shin Jae

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