KDrama Review: The King: Eternal Monarch (Episode 3 - First & Second Rewatch Insights)

May 02, 2020

First-Watch Review:
The subtle flirting (almost always from the king) continues as Jung Tae-eul investigates the identity of this handsome king that claims he is from a from a parallel universe. This outrageous statement seems to hold some truth as the forensic results of the king's fingerprints didn't find a match. This just leaves Jung Tae-eul more confused than ever.

As Jung Tae-eul continues her cop duties (to distract her from Lee Minho I guess 😉), she focuses to resolve this specific murder case. We know that this is connected to the man who murdered Lee Minho's father and almost killed him as a child. For me, that part of the plot is still a bit murky, and I still have a lot of questions, and one of the main one is -- why the heck is this guy not aging a day since he did the crime 25 years ago? Is it because of the other half of the flute that he possesses? 

It was a shocking reveal when Kang Hong Suk appeared as the rookie member of Jung Tae-eul's police squad.  I found this very amusing because the last time I saw him in a drama was in Hotel Del Luna, and he played the mysterious and cunning Grim Reaper. Now, it's a complete 180 degree turn. His character here is named Michael Jang. He's this innocent young trainee who's very naive that he'll do whatever his team members order him to do. 

Another question I have with this drama: why do gang leaders always wear to flowery satin tops? I find this very funny. 😂 Meanwhile, Detective Gang Shin Jae, Jung Tae-eul's colleague at the police station, seems to be having a lot of inner battles as he figures out his feelings for Jung Tae-eul. For sure, he and Lee Minho are having some traction as I guess they are both becoming territorial with the girl they like. Of course, Jung Tae-eul is oblivious of all of this.

The drama scenes of this episode showed how beautiful autumn is in Seoul. I love seeing the yellow-orange-red palette of the trees. It's such a beauty to look at. 🍂

Episode Rating: ★★★☆☆
I like this episode a bit more than the previous two because there were some kilig moments between the two leads. I especially love the part when Lee Minho went to the rescue to fix Jung Tae-eul's car. I like it when men move to be in charge like that. 😍 I also take notice of those girls acting as extra in the background and I just wonder if they were all squealing inside but had to act nonchalant as Lee Minho walked in their vicinity.

Looking forward for the rest of the episodes! They better be good!

Second-Watch Review:
Here are some of my additional observations and commentaries (and questions too):
  • How could LG leave the flute the first time he and JTE went to the bamboo forest? That item is so precious I couldn't believe he left it somewhere.
  • What's the significance of that glass-breaking effect we see whenever the portal gets opened?
  • Who is Kim So Wol?
  • I liked JTE's statement to KSJ when she was teaching her taekwando: "You'll fall several times, but I will teach you how to fall safely." Aaah JTE, if only you knew!
  •  Maximus is such a good trained horse. I believe the staff (or the trainer) were doing cues for her whenever she needs to act a certain way for a scene.
  • Did you notice that scene transition from KSJ's face and then to his KoC mother? At this point, the connection between them is still not being revealed. That's one sly move director!
  • I liked how Lady Noh praised Seung-A on her fan fiction stories. 😆
  • PM Koo was addressing her cabinet members with her hands folded. I found this gesture a bit weird, because here you are trying to convey a message to your party but your body language is "closed."
  • I found it disturbing that officer Park Moon-Sik was just mindlessly drying his toothbrush on his way from the comfort room. LOL.
  • KSJ's family went bankrupt when he was 15. I wonder what happened then?
  • That long bridge became one of my landmarks to know on which world a scene is taking place. I still get confused sometimes.
  • We see KSJ's KoC mom always frequenting the bookstore. So she was the one inserting those notes inside the book to pass messages to LL! I did not notice that!
  • We also see here in this episode the umbrella (with the flute) that LL left at PM Koo's mother's place. The foreshadowing is real on this one.
  • It was also mentioned that the flute is both the key and the lock of the portal between the two parallel worlds.
  • I really think the theme of the poems that Lady Noh was reciting is the destiny of JTE and LG's relationship. Huhu.
  • On my second watch, I still found Lee Minho's character very irritating. The "I am King" attitude is just exhausting. Good thinkg JTE was able to endure it.

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