Netflix Docu Review: Heal

May 02, 2020

I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe that whatever energy that you send out to the Universe, good or bad, it will always find its way back to you. Our building blocks (and of everything else actually) are atoms, which are basically energy. So really, it's all about the kind of energy that flows within and beyond that affects the overall state of our physical body.

This documentary further delves into that concept and how different kinds of energy affect our body. Our emotions command the energy that we possess, and depending on what kind of energy that is, it will manifest in our body.

I have been recently driven to this new spiritual path and currently I'm in this stage of just absorbing and learning all these new things about this area of knowledge. Whether we are aware of it or not, the Universal Laws apply to all of us. Of course it will be extra beneficial if we are actually familiar with the rules so that we could course through it and use it to the most of our advantage. 

I knew my current mindset drove me into actually watching the documentary. If I have seen this title in the past, I would have just skipped it and thought nothing of it. But because I am currently in the state of having an open mind about these things, when I saw this on Netflix, it tingled a sense of curiosity within me, and I knew I had to see it to learn more about this topic.

It's true -- the field of medical science is already an established and recognized organization that can cure human diseases. We've been ingrained as a society to consult with a doctor if we feel something is wrong in our body. When we go for a consultation with a doctor, we have this kind of conversation wherein the aim is to pinpoint the root cause of our pain. They will then give us prescription of the medicine and procedures that need to be done. Unless you're consulting something psychological, more often than not, the questions that your doctor would ask throughout the consultation would focus only on the physical aspects of your problem. Since when have you been feeling this? What activities have you recently done? What food did you eat? Rarely will they ask about how you are feeling emotionally or mentally.

I guess this is one takeaway that I got from this film -- that although medicine cure diseases (for sure), it's a whole new level if we approach treatment of diseases in a holistic way, exploring the areas of the physical, mental, and emotional state of the patient as basis for delivering the diagnosis. I guess this is the same reason I advocate for having mental health leaves in a company. I mean, everything is interconnected. If our mind is full of anxiety and stress, we would feel some kind of chest pain, we will sweat, or feel numbness on our hands. If our body is hurting and we have fever, we won't be able to focus or think clearly. Whenever I feel like I am not in my best state holistically, I file a leave. I tell them I am not feeling well. Thankfully, I am in an organization that respects each person's privacy. I don't have the obligation to expound and explain why I can't attend to work (because I know of friends who always struggle to come up with a devious strategy in excusing themselves at work, given that diarrhea/LBM has already been exhaustively used in the past). 

Also, another takeaway I got is that our body is capable healing itself. The human body is one of the most amazing things that exist in this Universe. I also believe in the placebo effect. Because you believe that you will heal, your body will follow that affirmation. Of course I would always lean onto science in addressing what's wrong with my body, but it would sure help a thousandfold if I have the proper mindset in dealing with my ailment.

With this path I am freshly walking on, I'm noticing that the same laws apply, it's just that it's being delivered from a different angle. What I have learned in the webinars I have attended in Third Eye Wellness fit into the ideas that have been presented in this documentary. It feels like I am being introduced to universal truths that apply to every area of our lives.

I am enjoying this journey so far, and I am eager to learn more. Thank you Universe. 🙏

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