Movie Review: The Breakfast Club

July 18, 2020

I randomly stumbled upon this movie while was I scrolling Netflix today. This movie came out before I was even born, but I kinda had the idea that this is one of those iconic movies in the 80s. After watching the movie, I now know why.

The brain. The athlete. The basket case. The princess. The criminal. The film showed these different stereotypes of how teens are in that generation, and I think the film became a big hit because the audience resonated well on how these personalities were represented. Although these teens have very different characters (and sure they had a lot of conflict initially) they still were able to bond with each other as they have discovered that they all share the same issues related to the pressures of society specifically with friends and families.

The movie had a simple premise and plot, but what made this movie really special is the conversations that transpired between the five teens put into that weekend detention. Sure, there were scenes that would leave you in tears, but most of them gave me a big laugh. 

Here are some of the scenes that I really liked:
  • The back-and-forth bantering between John and Professor Vernon, and how John just couldn't stop talking shit to the professor
  • The lunch scene, where each of the characters showed off what they were eating for lunch (my favorite was Allison's)
  • The smoking scene. I just love how they were laughing like maniacs and how Andrew truly lost it and just jumped around the library dancing to the music. And rest of that scene was epic.
  • When they were running along the halls trying to avoid the professor
  • When John took his drugs from the locker (how many brown bags did he take out 😂?)
  • That heart-to-heart talk. I love Brian's character for asking the uncomfortable question "What happens to us on Monday?" 
I was actually waiting throughout the movie if Allison would do something with the knife she sneakily got from John. Good thing nothing serious happened to all those kids even after several heavy verbal abuse from each other. I kind of cringed during that scene wherein they were asking Brian to do all the work on the essay because he was the smartest amongst all of them (which made me realize that I was actually being low-keyed bullied most of my high school (and some few occasions during college) because I was the "smartest" and "the most hardworking" in the group... ugh).

It was a feel-good movie. All those pairing up was a surprise, and 'til the end I still did not understand why they called themselves "The Breakfast Club" though. 🤷

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