Morning Meditation for 15 Days

July 12, 2020

For years I have been an advocate of meditation because I have seen its benefits firsthand. Although I admit that I don't get to do this as frequently as I wanted to, I strive to do it regularly to train my mind and reap the maximum benefit in the long run. 

It's been four months since I started completely doing work-from-home, and all those times of solitude really provided me to perform self-introspection about a lot of things in life. Those inner voices can become so loud and harsh, but almost always there's no truth to what it's saying. The funny thing is, the mind believes what it wants to believe. Sometimes I succumb to these messages knowing well that I shouldn't be. And so I resolve to this method: if you can't control your conscious mind, tap into the subconscious.

My Method
I use this app called Headspace for my daily meditation. It has always been my go-to meditation app because it's very simple and the courses are very intuitive. The guided meditations are very easy to go through and you can meditate for as short as 3 minutes! For my daily meditation, I do the 10-minute option.

One of the things that I learned recently is that if you want to build a habit, make that activity part of your routine. And so I incorporated my meditation time in the morning, after I wash up. They say that morning is the best time to meditate - and I agree because it sets the tone and the mood of the mind for the day. I have been doing this consciously for weeks now and I am proud to say my habit tracker is showing improved results.😀 

What Changed?
After a few days of doing this, I noticed that my head feels clearer and less distracted. I don't hit the snooze button anymore during the morning and in some days I even wake up earlier than my alarm. For me, that's a good sign. 

And that's just after a 15-day-streak of morning meditation. What more if I continue this for a longer period of time? As of this writing I am on my 17-day streak. I don't know how long I could constantly do this, but I do know meditation is already embedded in my lifestyle. ðŸ§˜

With everything that is going on in the world, looking after our mental health has become more relevant than ever. Let's take care of ourselves and of each other. 💓

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