Seoul Trip 2016: Day 6 ~ Dongdaemun Plaza

July 12, 2020

This was our last day in Seoul. Our flight back to Manila was later that day. There were still several hours to spare in the morning, and since I knew my friends were not morning people, I decided to push through one more stop on my own ~ and my chosen place is Dongdaemun Plaza!

Looking back, I knew I was visiting during the early hours of the morning, so what was I expecting really to see at this location at that time? I didn't check out beforehand any of the displays that might have been inside because for sure there would be an entrance fee. I think I was just up for a nice morning walk, really. Well if that was the goal (heh this is already 4 years ago), I am sure that I did accomplish that. The morning air was so nice and cold. It was a bit cloudy that day. There were also just a few people around the area so I was more of at peace on my own.

The mall is still closed. 😑
I could still remember having this argument with Rey, wherein he was justifying why he preferred to go out around noon already each day -- it's because the city thrives more in nightlife activities. Malls open late (around ~10 AM) and in some places, stores close late at night. So why bother waking up early when there's nothing to do yet outside? Well I have to say for this day, he made his point. I was eyeing to drop by nearby malls actually after my visit at the plaza, but since I saw that the mall would not open for the next few hours, I realized I would be short in time. I resolved to just do a mindful walk around the plaza.
wide main road across the plaza

This reminded me of the tour buses in San Fransisco

Aside from dramas, DDP became familiar to me because of variety shows like Running Man.

I was searching for things to do, but I think most areas were closed LOL

Hello awkward selfie! I really got to love this jacket that I purchased in one of those subway clothing stores. It comfortably made me warm despite the cool morning

One of the things that I really loved about the city of Seoul is the amount of art that can be seen all around - from the design of the buildings, to the murals, and statues. And the quality goes up extra when visiting parks or a plaza like this.

One attraction inside the plaza that I read is the LED roses that get lit up at night. Well, I went at the wrong time of the day (😅), but still I think the roses have a different kind of appeal and beauty when seen in daylight.

Glass walls - making selfies for solo travels easier. 😁

I think there's some sort of exhibit on that day (is this the design market?). I passed by these tents with people busy preparing their set up. If only I had a few hours to spare, I would have stayed to check this one.


I spent my time walking around and looking at every nook and cranny of the plaza. The overall structure of this building is so unique it feels so futuristic.

After a few more minutes of walking leisurely around, I checked my watch - it was already time to go. 😭With a heart full of peace and gratitude, I left the place to return to our guesthouse to prepare my stuff and ultimately, to wrap up this wonderful adventure. 💓

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