Seoul Trip 2016: Accommodation: Cheonggye Haus

August 22, 2020

I was the one in charge of finding our accommodation for this trip. With my previous experience in Seoul, I knew that hostels would still be our way to go for this one. Our specifications would be unique: we'll need three separate rooms for each of us (because we're all introverts and we highly value our privacy 😀). I know that hostels, aside from being affordable, are also solo-traveler-friendly. There were a lot of options that appeared in my results and I just really had to trim them all down with my main requirements for our accommodation:


  • accessible via buses or subway
  • within the center of Seoul
  • has room with private bathroom and toilet
  • within budget range
  • nearby tourist spots
  • has common area
  • elevator (for our luggages)
Luckily, the hostel house that I found fitted most of all the criteria above. And so for my second time in Seoul, we stayed in Cheonggye Haus.

The room is perfect for solo travelers. It is spacious enough to spread out your luggage. There were a lot of hangers available, which were really useful especially when hanging up my multiple jackets (note: it was Autumn when we were there). There's a small table with a chair and a TV. I could manage with a small TV because I wouldn't be watching that much anyway (hello I'm in Seoul, I'm gonna go loiter outside!). I just used it as background noise at the start of the day while I was prepping up and at the end of the day when I'm arranging my stuff for the next day. For the table, it could have been a wider one, honestly.

The room has its own wifi router. Perfect internet access for updating your SNS with your travel photos! 💓

My space, after a few days of stay

I think this hostel is designed for long-term stay solo-travelers (a couple of months or so) because there's also washing machine available in the room! Usually for hostels (or even hotels), there's a common area for doing the laundry. But here, you have the luxury to attend to your clothes in your very room! I didn't get to use it though because I didn't want to bother checking out how the machine worked. 😅 Yeah, I was just lazy. You can also cook (there's an electric stove and utensils available) but meh, I didn't bother also.

They even provide detergent and fabric conditioner!
The bathroom was also appropriately spaced (not to the point of being claustrophobic lol). Also I loved the fact that you could request for multiple towels with no extra charge!

All rooms use electronic locks so you know your belongings are safe in your room.

One thing to note though: the entrance of this hostel is a bit hidden amongst shops along the road. The building itself is not so hard to locate, because there's a huge sign with "Cheonggye Haus" above, but you have to pay more attention when locating for the entrance for the first time. The entrance is just a narrow door. Since the hostel really has no reception area (and no common area also 😞), when arriving for the first time, you have to inform the owner so he could open the door for you. He will provide you with the passcode so you could enter on your own on the following days of your stay.

This is the entrance. I had to backtrack my steps during my first few days because I always overlooked it.

Other feedback that I have about this hostel are:
(+) the Cheonggye stream is just across the street, so you could actually stroll there everyday if you wanted to (I recommend doing this early in the morning)
(+) the Gwangjang Market is less-than-a-minute walk from the hostel
(+) few-minute walk from major subway lines (Euljiro 4-ga and Jongno 5-ga stations)
(+) the owner is very accommodating, he let me use his phone when inquiring about the extra charge my credit card had for renting a wifi-egg (this got resolved eventually)

(-) no common area
(-) there's a rooftop, where you could hang out (with a great view of Seoul Tower) but the area mostly have cigarette butts around

I think overall, I only had minor concerns in this hostel. The positive experience greatly over-weighed the cons. No wonder this hostel has a high rating in

This is not a sponsored post. I want to share my experience with this hostel, and hopefully it could help other travelers who are searching for a good hostel in Seoul. 

I hope to travel back to South Korea. I pray the pandemic ends soon. đŸ˜ĸ

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