KDrama Review: 사이코지만 괜찮아 (Episodes 15 - 16)

August 15, 2020

The last two episodes of this drama has already aired last week and honestly, I didn't feel any "post-drama depression." It was more of a positive feeling, similar to when you've finished the last page of a novel and you inhale deeply because of the relief of knowing that your beloved characters have achieved the happy ending that they deserved. And yup, this one ends in the best way possible. The ending thoroughly exceeded my expectations. 💓

Episode 15 - A Tale of Two Brothers

  • Finally, we learn here the story why the Moon brothers' mom was killed, as narrated by the killer herself. It was heartbreaking to hear, especially learning that it was all out of concern for Moon Young that the mom made that remark. Unfortunately, it was taken in a negative way that costed her her life.
  • Sang Tae was the hero of this episode, bravingly slamming that book onto the evil mother. It was an unexpected move from him (because we knew he was fast asleep). That scene reminded me much of Neville's moment in the last Harry Potter movie when he killed Nagini with the Gryffindor sword (oops, was that a spoiler? 😅). I also super loved that at this moment, their child versions also appeared to remind us that all along they were actually fighting this force that caused them to have these unresolved childhood traumas that they still carried into adulthood.
  • I liked the fact that overall the brothers weren't really after Moon Young's mom to avenge their own (although Gang Tae got consumed with rage in that one moment). They just wanted to move on with life. I guess this is another aspect of the drama that I liked. There's nothing that can be changed- what happened had happened, that's it. Instead of being entangled with negative karma, the brothers chose to let go and even accept Moon Young despite everything that happened during their childhood. 
  • Just like what the viewers have observed (which I learned via reading comments on Reddit), a lot of important events happened on that stairs in the Cursed Castle. A relevant one transpired again during this episode. As Sang Tae showed Moon Young the portrait of his smiling brother, Moon Young came to the resolution that she would accept Gang Tae, and together they would overcome the pains of their past.

Episode 16 - Finding the Real Face

  • For most Kdramas, the last episode is mostly about tying up all the loose strings of the plot, and narrating the denouement for the sub-arcs of the story. This is how I felt with this last episode. It stretched out a bit, and honestly it felt more like an epilogue more than as a final chapter. 
  • The camping van trip finally happened, and it was very satisfying to see our lead characters enjoying their moments together. It is very much a parallel of the events in Moon Young's last published book. The book's tale is strikingly similar to the premise of Wizard of Oz, because each character was finding something that was stolen from them.
  • Just when I thought that the story would end with their happy moments in the camping trip, a sudden development happens, and for me it solidly wrapped the moral that this drama is conveying to its audience. When I thought the drama is ending in its best note, here came the absolutely most satisfying conclusion ever. 

It was a joy to watch this drama. It is a masterpiece. I thank Anne for encouraging me to watch this show. I originally wanted to skip it because I felt so emotionally drained after religiously following The King: Eternal Monarch that I thought of giving myself a break from watching Korean dramas. I am so happy I pushed through with watching the new releases every week (instead of binge-watching everything) because this setup allowed me to digest all the (unexpected) emotions that this drama evoked within me. I agree with everyone- this is a healing drama. There are a lot of life lessons that this drama teaches us, and I'm just grateful to the writer for creating this story. 💓

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