Movie Review: Weathering With You

August 01, 2020

Aaah, it's been a while since I watched an anime as good as this one, and it's just a breath of fresh air especially during these trying times. The plot is not a cliché, and I think nothing of the story is actually cliché. Because of this, I was hooked from start to end. From the beautiful visuals, to the amazing soundtrack, and to those unique (abrupt) scene transitions, everything about this movie is just so captivating. I'm actually not surprised to learn that this was from the same makers of Your Name. I could compare this to other anime titles like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Spirited Away.

I might be a bit biased because the movie depicts Tokyo, a city that has captured my soul and now possesses a piece of it (which I intentionally left there). I felt the jolt of nostalgia as I saw familiar landmarks that I've personally visited during my trip. And especially now that I've been stuck for a while at home, the ache for outdoor adventure is more intense than ever. The way this anime depicted the busy streets of Tokyo is so detailed. It's no surprise that almost all places showed in the film are real-life locations. 

The movie portrays the harsh realities some Japanese youths experience, showing what runaways or orphans have to endure while staying in Tokyo. I have actually seen those girls dressed in anime costumes in Akihabara, giving out flyers amongst the bustling crowd. Coming to think of it, those girls are young, they might be just in their early teens and who knows what reasons they have for doing this. In the middle of the vibrant and colorful prefecture of Shinjuku, there would be sketchy areas wherein innocent girls are lured in to do odd jobs. On the other hand, the film is interlaced with fantasy at the same time, which actually is related to the Shinto beliefs of the Japanese community. Since my visit in Tokyo, I have looked at Torii gates as a symbol of sacredness and treated it with utmost respect. Every shrine has its own origin, and I just could imagine the rich history all Japanese shrines hold.

I'm a sucker for piano and ambient music, and I have to say- the soundtrack is as good as the film itself. I really enjoy these types of music and I'm more inclined to create music that are similar to these ones (another clue: I love Studio Ghibli OSTs too!)

I miss Tokyo. I want to go back. Watching this film is such a treat. 💓 It was a nice escape from reality, and very timely too because I watched this film on a day where it rained in the afternoon 'til night time. #feels ⛆🌧

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