KDrama Review: 사이코지만 괜찮아 (Episodes 3 - 14)

August 08, 2020

It's obvious I'm cramping up all these episodes in one post because by this weekend, this drama is finally coming to an end. How quickly days go by, right? And as much as I wanted to give detailed information about my reactions for each episode, I thought of just sharing the highlights for me for each episode.

Episode 3 - The Sleeping Witch
  • At this point, I was wary of Moon Young, because I could see in her eyes that she's just treating Gang Tae as a toy for her entertainment. She's after him to manipulate him. 
  • When Moon Young went back to stay in the Cursed Castle, I couldn't help but be reminded of Crimson Peak. Also, I super hated that sleep paralysis scene.
Episode 4 - Zombie Kid
  • All those flashback childhood scenes are really breaking my heart, but kudos to the child actors-- they are so good!
  • I liked the ramen scene wherein Moon Young was looking at a younger Gang Tae. At this point, Gang Tae was trying to resolve his inner child issues.
  • This was the episode where I cried hard the most (amongst the 14 released episodes as of this writing).
Episode 5 - Rapunzel and the Cursed Castle
  • While we see Gang Tae's trauma trying to be resolved in the previous episode, it's now Moon Young's turn to be healed of her childhood issues. We also saw in this episode the issue between her and Joo Ri.
  • It's so cute to watch Sang Tae fanboying over Moon Young. 😂
  • I think this was the episode wherein we saw Moon Young in her most casual outfit (well she's in Gang Tae's clothes actually).
  • Joo Ri and Gang Tae got to talk, and at least early on they've already set their boundaries. This is an evidence that this drama is not really a love story (wherein Joo Ri gets to be that dragging second lead). This show mainly focuses on psychological issues around the characters. I'm glad the scriptwriter did this.
Episode 6 - Bluebeard's Secret
  • The fight between the Moon brothers was a very moving scene. It's the first time that Sang Tae stood up for what he wanted, and I think this fight was necessary for Gang Tae to learn his lesson.
  • That flashback scene in the frozen lake was so good, it gave me goosebumps. This also placed some more context on those flashback scenes wherein the young Moon Young was just staring down at a drowning Gang Tae. Now we know Moon Young saved his life that day.
  • Seo Ye Ji's acting is really stellar- her eyes gave all the emotions when the patient told her she's her mom, and when she was having the nightmare... I really felt all the emotions even though she didn't utter a word. 
  • The episode had a heavy ending scene, good thing the epilogue kind of lightened the mood with the (silent) narration of the Bluebeard's tale, but it still had a dark theme for me.
Episode 7 - The Cheerful Dog
  • This is one of my favorite episodes because it ended in a very bright note. I also liked the analogy between the fairy tale book featured in this episode and the current situation that Moon Young was in. I wonder if all the children's books featured in this drama did exist in real life (apparently they do)?
  • We also get to see how the relationship between Moon Young and Gang Tae are starting to develop. There's certainly a shift in Moon Young's mood, and somehow I could now catch sight of signs of sincerity from her for the Moon brothers.
Episode 8 - Beauty and the Beast
  • Now that the tension between Moon Young and Gang Tae has somehow evaporated (they have now openly expressed their feelings for each other), another conflict was seen in the horizon... this time it's with Sang Tae. He may have autism, but he sure noticed that something was going on between his younger brother and Moon Young. He felt conflicted about it because he felt like something was being taken away from him.
  • Also in this episode, we saw Gang Tae lose it when someone had hurt Moon Young. That scene was so cute.
Episode 9 - King Donkey Ears
  • This was another feel-good episode and we saw our two leads bond some more. And that kiss. That was one of the most naturally-executed KDrama kisses I have seen in a while (or so far? I can't remember anything else similar to this).
  • I like how the drama also focused on the story of each of the patients in the hospital.
Episode 10 - The Girl Who Cried Wolf
  • The wonderful mood of the previous episode suddenly flipped on this one. Suddenly, Gang Tae was pushing Moon Young away after realizing that she has distracted him from taking good care of his older brother. She pleaded her to change her mind. I kind of understand Gang Tae's move here though.
  • That patient humming that lullaby song was so creepy. This was also that episode wherein I felt the cliffhanger effect the most.
Episode 11 - The Ugly Duckling
  • The first several minutes of this episode was so intense, it really put me at the edge of my seat. At the same time, this was the most heart-fluttering episode (if you'd seen it, you know what I'm talking about).
  • I cried real hard at the end of this episode also. I witnessed something that I remembered I wished for myself too in the past, but never happened.
Episode 12 - Romeo and Juliet
  • Now that the conflict with Sang Tae has been resolved also, one things was left for the show to tackle on- the reveal of the truth of what happened in the past. It was Gang Tae who first discovered this and as expected, learning this broke his heart apart.
  • I love the courage that Sang Tae was showing here, that he's ready to overcome his trauma. I really liked that aspect of this drama.
Episode 13 - The Father of the Two Sisters
  • The inevitable has happened to Moon Young's father, who was the longest-time patient of the hospital. Until the end, Moon Young kept to her decision to not see and talk to his father. I have read on Reddit that some people agree on this decision, but I really wouldn't know how it feels if I were put in Moon Young's position. Interestingly, the situation reminds me of one of Taylor Swift's songs -- "if i am dead to you why are you at the wake."
  • The retelling of the story of Moon Young's parents (from the dad's perspective) was creepy.
  • The reveal in the end was creepier.
Episode 14 - The Hand, The Monkfish
  • Finally, Moon Young got to learn of the connection that she and the Moon brothers had, in connection to their mother's murder. I have to commend Moon Young here, because instead of lashing out, she requested some alone time while she was still in a highly emotional state. She calmly told Gang Tae to "let's talk later" while rushing out of the hospital.
  • The following scenes that followed proved again how great an actress Seo Ye Ji is. The scene wherein Sang Tae was feeding her was phenomenal. 😭
This weekend, the last two episodes of this drama would be aired on Netflix, and just like that, another drama would be finished. I have not stumbled on a new drama that I feel I would be following as it airs on Netflix. Currently I am digging older dramas to watch, like My Mister, because I need to try harder to keep myself entertained especially during these times. 😅

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