Q3 2020 Goals Setting & Steps

June 27, 2020

You know one positive thing with staying at home? More time for hobbies and side-hustles! That's one major thing that I have learned during the past quarter, and I take my colleagues as my inspiration for this because they have created (and is still creating) wonderful things amidst these hard and unprecedented times. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and so I would want also to do something similar to what they are doing, but within an area that I am comfortable with.

👩‍💼 Career - watch those pending brownbag sessions in my queue
✓ Signed up for the challenge
✓ Watch the relevant brownbag session
➝ Research resources available

💰 Financial - invest invest invest
✓ Did things here and there so that's a start
✓ Recalibrated on how I track my expenses and income 
✓ Attended the webinar
➝ Attend all the webinars in that series
➝ Grow the portfolio

💡 Personal Development - start an herbal garden at home
✓ Identified my goal plants to grow
✓ Did my research on correct way to plant them
✓ Buy supplies and start planting!
➝ Supervise the plant as it grows

🧘‍♀️ Spiritual - finish level 3 of foundations in the Headspace app
✓ Achieved a 9-day streak of morning meditation (hoping to establish this as a habit)
✓ Finished the Finding Focus beginner meditation pack
✓ Finish the Acceptance pack
➝ Find another meditation plan for me

🎓 Educational - finish a music theory course in Coursera / Linked Learning
✓ Finished week 1 and  I am astounded on how chords and scales relate to each other
✓ Still in progress on week 2 and I am mindblown by how I could know the key of a song, recognize key signatures of a sheet music, and learning by heart the major scales on the piano. By using the tonic, subdominant, and dominant chords of a major scale, I could now locate easily the chords of a song once I recognize which key it is in. Ahh I'm so happy with my progress so far!
➝ Finish the course and produce something out of Reaper

❤️ Relationship - continue to reach out
✓ LOL I know this is something that cannot really be measured by metrics, but I think we are making some progress
➝ Control your reflexes. 😅 I'm so used to how things are now that the habits I have developed are already deeply ingrained in me.

🏋️‍♀️ Physical and Health - yoga and abs exercise - at most 5 red marks only in the habit tracker!
✓ Bought an office chair, because I was already beginning to feel the effects of long hours of sitting down on a wooden sturdy chair. I needed a more sophisticated back support!
✓ Researched on other poses that benefit especially the lower back: cat, cow, wheel, camel, bow
➝ Complete one month of the abs challenge (restarted level of difficulty)

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