Heartache - ONE OK ROCK [♬ ~ #35]

May 17, 2021

This is a very raw entry. I have just recorded this one literally minutes ago, but I'm deciding to publish it right away because previously I was always inclined to overthink and overcomplicate things that I end up doing nothing. So here it is, no editing and all. 

My idea was to play along the key and chord progression of ONE OK Rock's Heartache. But meh I ended up just doing random notes and what not (?) at the end. But but, I wanted to publish a product even with just a few baby steps accomplished. Let's see if we get to polish this or maybe have some new ideas for the days (or weeks?) to come. 😅

P.S. I hate practicing with a metronome, but I know it's the right way to go. So listen and hear what happens if you don't practice the right way. 😅

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