Indie Artists on Focus: Mickosis & Keudae

May 16, 2021

I'm not sure if they label themselves as indie artists, but I'm going with that term anyway. 😅

I've been wanting to write this post for months, and suddenly I felt that tonight is the right moment, because I realized that these two artists are some my inspirations on why I wanted to dip my toes in music also. Yeah, big dreams right? But recently my cover of Taylor Swift's august suddenly gained some traction (okay just 2 anonymous comments, but it's a BIG DEAL to me because I very seldom get comments on the blog). Seeing that these listeners took the time to comment on a blog to show their appreciation on that short and has-lots-to-improve cover made me so happy. So maybe, just maybe, I could really try a hand with music composition and production?

With that train of thought, I turned to two musicians who are already doing this. Maybe as I follow along their musical journey, I could learn a thing or two from them. 

This is my appreciation post for them. 😊


His genre of music was not in my playlist bubble ,that's why when I was initially introduced to the artist, his music was met with resistance by my system. 😅 But I am always curious with new discoveries, and when I got to listen to the then-demo-version of Anchors (I am 80% this was the song 😅), I got to appreciate this kind of music. And the more I listened to it, the more I felt the underlying emotion beneath the upbeat of the guitar and drums. There's this feeling of vulnerability shrouded in the melody, and I guess that's the aspect of his art that appealed to me.

I am still slowly discovering the world of progressive rock artists, and one that already caught my attention is Periphery, with their song It's Only Smiles. The track has earned its spot on my morning playlist (which I don't really just play in the morning actually 😅).

With Mickosis, I'm getting to learn, in closer detail, all the hard work and effort that it takes to create music, especially for independent musicians.

Check out his debut EP, Atlas Initiative.


I discovered her on Youtube, when she was still doing piano covers of KPOP artists (any TVXQ! fans out there? 😀). I followed along with her journey for the years that followed as she studied music in college (playing One Direction covers on the piano in their practice rooms 😉). I'm proud to say that I am witness to her growth as a musician and a person. 

Her primary instrument of choice is the piano, and she kills it each and every time she publishes a cover on YouTube, even gaining the attention of the original artists like Lauv and Porter Robinson. She whips chord progressions and arpeggios like an enchanter whose goal is to put the listener under a blissful musical trance. ✨

She has introduced me to wonderful artists like Porter Robinson and Blake Rose. Aside from her music, I enjoy seeing her trekking adventures and how she spazzes on being Mrs. John Mayer. 😂

Last year, she has finally accomplished her goal of placing her music on Spotify (thanks to her Patreon). She has also published her all-original-track album, Coincidences.

I think we get to appreciate more the artist and their art when we are familiar with their story. These two might have different genres of music, but I see the parallels in their journey. Their passion for music is just so inspiring. I always had huge respect for musicians, but getting to watch these two closely made me even more admire people who create music. To all the musicians out there, thank you for what you do. You make life better and brighter with your art. ♪

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