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May 09, 2021

I have always known that vision boards are great tools for really envisioning the goals that you want to achieve. I have seen some vision boards come to fruition. My sister used to have them in our room before, and I distinctly remember that one instance where the house, that they spent some vacation time with friends, looked strikingly similar to the house she had pinned up on her board. Since then and through numerous seminars (plus my own experiences), my belief on vision boards have become firmer than ever.

Since for this quarter I didn't put up a goals list, I thought of doing this exercise instead. I do have my vision board, drawn on paper, but I thought of putting these out to the Universe and attract the energies to come to me. 

Note: I am narrating these in the present tense, as if it is already done and happening. This makes the visualization more powerful.

I am living in a nice suburban area, with lots of trees and flowers around. The bright sunrise sunshine warms my skin, and I squint as I look up at the white sky.

My house has a little terrace wherein I come up every morning to sip a warm cup of coffee, as I feel the occasional cool breeze of the wind and listen to the chirping of the birds. I also do some meditation after.

I am doing yoga every morning also, and I am becoming more flexible with the challenging poses that I take. Yoga is bringing me into a higher sense of peace.

I am living in a nice residential area with the kindest neighbors ever. I am walking my dogs as part of my morning routine.

I have a loving family and I am raising my child with the values and lessons that the Universe has taught to me.

I go biking with my significant other and we stop by interesting thrift stores and cafes as we explore the city.

We are also holding picnics in random but cozy places, like a hill overlooking the city.

I am regularly going out with my best of friends and we do long road trips while singing songs at the top of our lungs inside the car.

I am also doing hikes with my SO and friends (my knees are stronger!), and I am doing my deepest meditation surrounded by nature.

I am enjoying creating music as I compose original songs on the piano.

I am sharing that feeling of happiness with a crowd as I perform them on stage, singing the lyrics full of emotions and soul.

I am very much enjoying my career path as I become a well-respected and established software engineer in my company. I am executing my tasks with great quality and collaborating with my colleagues very well.

This is the kind of life that I envision for me. It's so nice to daydream like this.😅 But of course that last one I am aiming to make that a reality sooner. Sending this out to the Universe! ✨

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