Making Cold Brew Coffee at Home

May 01, 2021

Coffee is my gasoline. Yes, I am dead serious. I won't be able to function for a day (especially if it's a weekday) if I don't have my dose of caffeine. Most of my colleagues at work understand this, that's why one of our main bonding moments every morning is buying coffee at the cafes at the ground floor of our building.

It's more than a year since I last did that with them (huhu I miss them so much 😭) and since I really couldn't go out, I settled for the ever-dependable 3-in-1 coffee sachets. It does the work for me, so as long as I'm energized with caffeine, I'm all good! But of course, I also did miss that coffee brew that we used to make at the office. Our team shamelessly brought an actual coffee maker at work. There were even times we brewed at our workstation. I could just imagine what the other teams beside us thought of us 😂). 

One grocery trip during the early weeks of the lockdown last year, I went to the coffee and creamer isle and I stumbled upon these packed coffee beans, thinking that I might be able to do something about it for my coffee fix. And so I bought one pack home. It's way more expensive than the Nescafe black coffee that I usually buy, but I just think that this is way way cheaper than the CBTL / Starbucks cups that I usually consume! ☕

It's been in my stash for months, and it's only recently that I got to notice it and finally thought of a way to consume it. And a light bulb just went off in my mind. 💡 I have been researching in passing how to make cold brew a few weeks back and I suddenly remembered how easy the steps were. 

This is the coffee beans at the grocery.
And hello to my cat at the background.

It's very easy to make cold brew coffee, and I am just amazed how my coffee connoisseur friends are not familiar with the method. If you would like premium coffee brew at home and you don't have a coffee maker, then cold brew is the perfect process for you!

Here's how to make cold brew coffee:

What you need:
coffee beans
water container
cloth filter

 1. Grind the coffee beans. I do a 1:2 coffee-beans-to-water ratio for my brew. For example, if you measure one cup of coffee beans, you'll need to combine it to 2 cups of water later.

2. Grind the coffee beans in a blender until coarse. I use a personal blender for this and it completes the job perfectly. I prefer buying beans and grinding them myself because it would give me a stronger flavor and aroma compared to those already grinded coffee available in stores.

3. In a water container, mix the ground coffee with water (following the 1:2 ratio). Then I place it in the refrigerator to soak overnight (at least 14 hours). We don't want to oversoak our beans because the flavor would be affected and the brew might taste dusty. 

4. Get the brewed coffee and strain it using a cloth filter to separate the soaked beans from the coffee. 

I bought this from Shopee.

And voila, you now have your cold brew coffee!

I like adding ice cubes on my coffee to further dilute the taste. I noticed that cold brew coffee has a stronger flavor so I really need to add more water (or milk) to balance the taste.

So, after a year of working from home, I only got to discover this preparation in February! But I'm just thankful that the idea even clicked in my mind. Now I get to enjoy great coffee every morning! Because of this, I start my day each day in a great mood!

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