Review: Mandaue Clifford High Back Office Chair

August 15, 2021

My line of work mostly involves sitting in front of the computer for hours. Yes, it's the typical office job. As much as I don't want to admit it, my occupation doesn't really help my health given that I already have a sedentary lifestyle. 😅

Sitting for too long can have several health repercussions, especially on the back. Good thing at the office, we are provided with ergonomic chairs and also tables that could be adjusted in height so that we can have a standing work area set up if we wanted to. 

However when the pandemic started, we, in our company, were all forced to work from home full time. We've been working from home even before this corona thing happened, but just for selected days of the week. So I thought okay, I think I would only need to do a few adjustments to my working setup to cope with this change. During the first few weeks of the lockdown, our management were actively arranging our work-from-home setup, asking us what office paraphernalia we'll need to make our WAH arrangement as comfortable as possible. They were asking us if we'd need extra monitors, external keyboards, and even chairs. Even our HR was sending us guidelines on how to make our work area as ergonomic as possible. At first, I thought these steps are a bit OA. I'm good with my current work area. I requested for extra monitors, and that was it. I don't have problems with my chair so no thank you, I'm good.

For context, I was using a typical wooden study chair, and for the longest time I didn't have any problems with it. Well, around three months into this full-time WAH setup, the symptoms emerged. My back (especially around the middle and lower part) would feel painful. It came to a point wherein I had to reluctantly lie down on the bed because it was too much, and even though I was lying in bed for several minutes already, the pain did not subside even just a little bit. This was the moment that I knew I had to replace my chair. 

I started my search online for an office chair, and that's when I realized that they don't come cheap. 😲 I had to make this mindset that this chair is really an investment for my overall physical health. This was also when I discovered Mandaue Foam (this is not sponsored... Mandaue Foam beke nemen 😂)! MF is a Filipino brand that originated from Cebu. Their products look so stylish and affordable at the same time. I swear when I become a homeowner, I will buy my furniture from them!

It was through their website that I found my office chair -- the Clifford High Back Office Chair. I was really particular with the kind of chair that I wanted - with high-back support, mesh back, (leather is a no-no!) head rest and arm rests. All of these criteria was satisfied by this chair. And the best thing was -- it was within my budget! It was also on sale during that time. After thinking about it overnight, I locked in and purchased it! Good thing I didn't take long to decide, because after a few days of my purchase, I saw that it was already out of stock in the site.

Around a week after, we got the delivery. The chair was already assembled when they gave it to us (my assumption was that this was an old stock, maybe even the one on display 😶). As of this writing, I'm still using the chair. I realized I've been using this for more than a year now. It's now a tried and tested product, and I am still happy with my purchase!

Of course, I recognize that even though this is a good chair, it's still not perfect. And I have seen its flaws during the time that I have been using it.

What I Liked:
  •  Lower back support, because of the curve 
  • The chair is built with very sturdy material.

What I Didn't Like:
  • The foam on the lower back mesh tends to slip upwards after some use. I fixed it by clipping them in place.
  • The overall foam material is not easy to clean, so I bought arm rest and chair covers to protect the chair from dirt.
  • After around 6 months of using it, I noticed that the chair seat was always going down after sitting on it for a few minutes (which supported my assumption that this was an old stock). This was something to do with the gas lift cylinder. I didn't want to replace the whole chair just for this so I bought just the cylinder part through Shopee. I tried following the chair repair tutorials on YouTube. Unfortunately for this chair, the cylinder was glued into the legs, so there was no way to remove the original cylinder. 😖 I was gravely disappointed. Good thing I was able to find a work-around for this, and the chair remained useable up to this day.

This chair saved my back and made my working hours more comfortable at home. For those still on the hunt for their office chair, I hope this review helps you decide on your purchase. 

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