Book Reads: Art of War (Sun Tzu)

August 29, 2021

This book review is so well overdue, because I have actually finished reading the book last year. I bought this book during the fair in 2017. I included this in my reading list after seeing it in the list of "books to read before you die" on Reddit. 

The book itself has only a few pages, but each page is filled with so much wisdom. It's actually amazing to realize that the rules of war are applicable in managing conflicts in different aspects of our lives. First and foremost, war is a mind game, and only those with good strategies will win it. I think it is actually not enough to just read this book by itself, because each chapter can be expounded into several more books just because of the richness of knowledge each page contains.

Here's one good video that gives the gist of the book:

Whether it be a conflict in a personal or professional setting, the strategies, that Art of War recommends, will surely be as useful and effective. This is a truly a must-read for everyone.

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