Book Reads: Einstein's Dreams (Alan Lightman)

August 29, 2021

Time is such a mysterious concept, and this book sure brings it to a new level of a mindboggling theory that will make you think deeply about life.

Together with Art of War, I bought this book in 2017 in the Manila International Book Fair. It's also included in the "books to read before you die" list that I found on Reddit. I intentionally searched for this book. I even asked the staff on Fully Booked to search it for me. This book presents a collection of short stories that apparently Einstein dreams about during those days that he was constructing the theory of relativity. Each story evokes a different kind of emotion (at least for me) - it could be sadness, nostalgia, or heartache for a lost love.

I have already read this book twice since I bought it. I felt the pull to read it a second time when I was watching the drama The King: Eternal Monarch last year. I have always been fascinated with time travelling and this book just beautifully paints enchanting tales on how the rules of time can change our perception of reality.

This was such a nice read, especially during the initial months of the pandemic, because those were the days wherein the flow of time for me felt so unusual, like everything in my life was put on pause since March 2020. It was also during this time that I was desperate to find my sources of hope, because those were such confusing times. I just wanted some escape from reality, might it be from works of fiction, like books and dramas, presenting the possibility of the existence of time travel and parallel universes.

Einstein's Dreams is such a great read. I highly recommend it. The stories will surely tap into your imaginations and will make you ponder about the moments you have spent and will spend in this life. Now I understand why it is included in that Reddit list. 😀

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