Life Logs: August 2021

January 02, 2022

For the Chinese, August brings bad luck because it's the start of the "ghost month." I somehow believe in this and it's evident, with the challenges I faced in this month.

💃 Experiences

  • Facing the harshest version of my inner critic. Your worst enemy is yourself, because the inner critic perfectly knows your weakest point and lashes hard on that. That's what happened to me this month. 😢 Good thing was, I'm equipped with tools to help me block those negative messages. If I heard those voices some years back, I would be reacting differently. But I know better now. 💪
  • Splurging on food. Now that I'm continuing to be more confident with my budgeting style (thanks to YNAB again of course), I'm slowly allowing myself to stretch out and allot some of my expenses on trying out new food. That's what I did, as I bought goodies from Yummza Hummus and KMarketPH.
  • Having a 5-hour Zoom call with my inner circle. I think this was the longest call we've had on the platform. As an introvert, Zoom calls (even non-work ones) are exhausting for me. But for this particular one, I left the call with a heart fully recharged. This was a call-to-remember for me because we talked about a lot of topics: from stories of frustration to celebrating wins of our friends (yay to promotions!)
  • Undergoing my first technical exam in years. It's thrilling to go back to the basics and become a beginner again. I failed the exam, but I learned a lot, for sure. The experience made me thirsty for knowledge. 🤓
  • Attending CineSundays. It's so interesting to interact with people that are outside your circle. Through attending this Zoom call on a Sunday night, I was able to get a glimpse of the struggles of filmmakers. Coming from a technical world, with output that can be interpreted straightforwardly as a pass or fail, it was so foreign to me to listen to this world wherein everyone judges very subjectively. It was striking to me to hear them say that "filmmakers eat rejections for breakfast." Now I know why people in this industry have such strong characters. It's through these hard experiences that made them who they are. And wow, I laud them for that.
  •  Being in touch with my feelings through music. There were things that I had to face during this month, and I knew I would be crushed if I didn't prepare well for it. I opened my emotions through music and also processed my thoughts through writing in my journal. I realized that this was a very therapeutic process, and looking back, these really helped me to deal with my emotions. As of this writing, I can fully say that I have moved on. 😊

⛰️ Accomplishments / Milestones

  • I received another round of blessing. 💰🙏
  • The benefits of participating in Toastmasters activities are starting to become more visible for me. When I took the Table Topics Evaluator role in one club meeting, the General Evaluator then gave me very positive feedback, even encouraging me to join the Evaluation contest. Also, the confidence to actively participate was really kicking in (exhibit A: that HR workshop at the office). Finally, I'm really beginning to love interacting with people. I am getting comfortable doing small talk. I even initiate them now.
  • Finally, I was able to develop and deploy codes in the backend at work! For months, I have been wanting to learn how to do core code development, and I achieved it this month! ✨
  • I was able to do reverse parking on my own. It's been a while since I tried doing this. It was true when they said that it's even easier than forward parking.

🧠Game Changers

  • Sanvello. I discovered that our company offered a one-year premium access to the app, and so took advantage of it, because I know it would be beneficial for me.
  • Daily Wellness Spotify Playlist. I thought I already know Spotify well. Guess what, there's still areas of the app waiting to be discovered! The playlist is a combo of guided meditation audio and music curated for you! It's a different kind of experience to listen to my favorite songs after a relaxing meditation session! This was a great way to start my work day! 🌇
  • Sessions. It was my first time hearing about this website. I stumbled upon this through a former colleague, who was to perform on that platform. It was a joy watching him do something he really enjoyed. He has come a long way from being one of our karaoke buddies. 😁🎤🎶
  • Duolingo. I rediscovered this language learning app this month through my friends. It sure has rekindled my goal of learning Korean. I also continued with listening to the audio lessons at Talk To Me in Korean (TTMIK). 대박! 화이팅!

🎬 Movie / Series List 

Hometown Chachacha

💡 Takeaways

  • It's important to always be in check with your emotions.
  • Journaling is therapeutic.
  • Things can blow out of proportion inside your mind.
  • Sharing happiness doubles it.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.

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