Life Logs: December 2021

January 02, 2022

Hello there! We are down to the last month of 2021. How time flies. 😣

πŸ’ƒ Experiences
  • Rediscovering my childhood Christmas musicI went down the nostalgia road and discovered, at random, the Christmas songs that I grew up with. It was interesting because even if it was my first time to listen to the songs in decades, I still knew the lyrics. 😲
  • Getting interviewed by the BeautyMNL crew. I'm a true-blue BeautyMNL baby. The site introduced me to the wonderful (and menacing) world of online shopping. When they sent the email inviting its customers for an interview for their product team research, I immediately signed up. Thanks again to Toastmasters, I am braver in talking with the people. It was a one-hour interview, and I believe it went well. I hope I got to give them insights on what their customers need on their website. ✨
  • Rewatching the Harry Potter movies. This was all in preparation for the 20th anniversary special on HBO. I'm very thankful for the HP movie for accompanying me during the holidays. I felt a bit lonely amidst this festive season. The movies served as my warm cup of tea for my soul. πŸ«–πŸ΅
  • Reuniting with the whole fam bam. My brother was in the country, and so we had a chance to get-together. I was so happy to see my nieces again. They were at the house on the day of our company's virtual year-end party, so I was able to share with all of them some food! πŸ˜‹
I ordered this from PetersLumpiangShanghaiAtbp. It's a must-try!
  • Celebrating my birthday with great food. I had been eyeing a number of food businesses online that I really wanted to try out. Well I picked two of them, of which I ordered for my birthday! 😁
Food ordered from Nuttify by PB and 8 Spoons Party Trays. Highly recommended!

I'm so happy I was able to discover these food businesses c/o the influencers I follow on IG. My birthday became extra special because of great food. I'm so happy I was able to share this delicious experience at home.  


  • Having loads of great food from our virtual Christmas parties. My team's Christmas party coincided with my sister's, so we both had our food reimbursements to spend on the same day. We decided to order from Conti's. By lunch, we had a table full of dishes from the restaurant. Interestingly, I wasn't able to take photos of our food that day (🀣) maybe because I was too invested in the ongoing party that we were having over Zoom. We also had a "Bring Me" game wherein we had to take selfies with the target object. It was so fun and tiring at the same time. πŸ˜†
  • Preparing a singing presentation. It was during that party that I prepared a presentation for the team. Together with Anj, one of my colleagues, we presented a recording of us singing a love song medley. 🎀🎢You can check out our presentation here.
  • Hosting a year-end party with our colleagues. This was a last-minute thing, but fortunately we were able to pull it off. Virtual parties in the company were being held on a per-team basis, but I have friends from different teams whom I often meet for some non-work Zoom sessions. Hazel, one of my friends, had an idea of doing a year-end party for us friends. Following her lead, we did some brainstorming of the program format, the games, and even the awards that we can give to our friends (like "Marites of the Year" and "Fan Girl/Boy of the Year" awards). We even had a raffle, mind you! πŸ˜‚ Thanks to my amazing friends, we were able to exchange such great positive vibes before the year ended.
  • Being involved in a car accident. I was the one driving, so it was really stressful. It was just a minor one, wherein the car had some scratches. I had some lessons learned, but thankfully no one was hurt. It was a bit traumatic, but it's all part of growing up, just like what my friend Mai told me. I was still able to drive after that incident, and thankfully my sister didn't get angry at me. πŸ˜“
  • Receiving a game from a colleague. It was an unexpected gesture, but I deeply appreciated it. I was actually planning to do a replay of Little Nightmares just to kill some time, but this was even better because this is a whole new game. Thank you Pas! πŸ˜„

⛰️ Accomplishments / Milestones
  • In spite of my pandemic anxiety I was able to venture out and renew my driver's license. It was my first time commuting in a long time so I was really stressed the whole time. I rode the jeepney, and I would think things were back to normal, if it weren't for the masks. 😷After several hours of waiting, I was able to secure my license. Yay! 🚘
  • I was able to practice some piano pieces for our Christmas presentation. I also was able to utilize that video editor I bought from Humble Bundle. πŸ˜„
  • I won first place in the Toastmasters Table Topics club-level contest! It was such a surreal experience. I'm so excited for the next chapter of this adventure!

  • My sister and I received our booster shot. πŸ’‰The side effects were more apparent this time around. Thankfully, after roughly 2 days, we were feeling normal again.
🧠Game Changers
  • HBO GO. Yep, there goes another expense for a video streaming platform. But this is just temporary. So far, I'm using it to watch all the Harry Potter content. ⚡
  • Conti's Lemon Squares. I fell in love on the first bite. This is now one of my favorite desserts.
  • Windows 11. I upgraded my laptop, and so far I'm loving the changes on the UI, especially the stackable windows. πŸͺŸ
  • Moka Pot. I ordered one from BeautyMNL using the voucher that they gave me for that interview. I've been wanting to have one for the longest time. I already knew how to use it (because I have watched a number of YouTube tutorials 😏). I'm enjoying my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha ground beans now. ☕I also ordered a coffee grinder but I have not used it because I don't have whole beans at home. I might be able to use it next month, meaning I would be having freshly grinded coffee beans every morning soon. So exciting! 
  • Apple Music. I uninstalled Spotify from my phone and switched to Apple Music for my music streaming needs. I utilized the free 6-month subscription available to me, which was just in time for my Spotify Premium expiration. It's such an exciting time for me because I was building my music library from scratch. My playlists on Spotify were already too curated for my listening preferences. This time with Apple Music, I was actually starting from scratch, so let's see which artists and songs I would discover starting from a clean slate.
🎬 Movie / Series List 
Love Hard
Last Christmas
Harry Potter movies 1-8

πŸ’‘ Takeaways
  • I perform well on tasks with deadlines.
  • It's important to confront our fears. It's the only way to extinguish them.
  • Your heart becomes fuller after giving.
  • You can never go wrong with splurging on food.
  • Food tastes best when shared.

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