Thank You 2021

January 03, 2022

Was it that obvious that I'm cramming to finish all of these year-end posts so I could properly face the new year? 😂 I have always struggled with keeping up with my Life Log posts, but thankfully I was able to pull off actually writing a 6-month worth of logs in just a day. It was very satisfying, and surprisingly I didn't feel drained at all. And on top of that, the posts didn't feel "rushed". I just knew that I needed to properly wrap up the previous year so that I could properly face this new chapter of my life, that is 2022.

It's been nearing two years since I last went to the office. This weird feeling brought about by the pandemic is starting to feel normal, specifically the aspect of working from home. It now feels like things have always been like that. I do think that I have really assimilated well now in this setup. Mind you, it was not an easy breezy process, but I'm so glad I have arrived at this point.

I have been religiously doing my Life Logs for the whole year, and for sure I will continue doing that in the next months to come. I realized that it's a very good practice in processing all the things that were happening to me, up to the smallest details. I noticed that I was able to highlight the little things that made me happy and those that just gave me just great vibes.

Aside from my goal of completing my Life Goals on time, another aspect that motivated me with this task was the fact that I needed those details to evaluate the year as a whole as part of the start-of-year journaling exercises on the Everything Is Possible BDJ Planner, which I am very actively using everyday. I was surprised to see that in general, I was higher-than-average happy throughout the year. True, there were moments of anxiety and crying-to-sleep nights, but I was able to note great things that happened to me for each month. I guess because I was consciously taking notes of these, I was able to focus my energy in celebrating my wins, even how little they were in the bigger picture.

I might not have been able to go out much this year, I still was able to explore several parts of my inner soul. Of course, I miss the world outside, but I guess I was just making the most out of the cards presented to me. 

Thank you for the lessons, 2021. Some of them I learned the hard way, but still what's important is that I became wiser and stronger.🙏✨

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