Life Logs: September 2021

January 02, 2022

When this month arrived, it felt unreal, because here comes the Christmas season and we are still in the pandemic season. 😢

💃 Experiences
  • Listening to a podcast linking Taylor Swift songs to the Venus signs. Because I have recently learned more about my natal birth chart, and also because I am a Swiftie,  this podcast became very interesting for me. My Venus sign is Aquarius, and my Taylor Swift song is Jump and Fall. Those under this sign are very idealistic lovers, apparently. 😲🤭
  • Experiencing a different kind of "loss." When something that brings you joy is taken away from you, a different kind of mourning is experienced. This month, I felt sadness like a cold blanket, and it's effect was incremental as each day passed. Kudos to myself, I faced this head on. Surprisingly, I discovered unexpected things at the end of this dark tunnel. And oh boy, I was so happy to be back in the light.
  • Attending the Belle de Jour Summit. Participating in this summit was life-changing for me. I met and listened to a lot of inspiring speakers. It was through this summit that I ended up with the Everything Is Possible Planner that I now have on my hands. 
  • Witnessing the Simon & Martina drama. The EatYourKimchi couple is one of my favorite people on the internet, that's why learning about their divorce really hit me hard. It was saddening to see the events that happened between them during this month. As of this writing, I'm just happy that both of them are starting to build their world again, individually. As for me, I align more towards Martina's content, that's why I subscribed to her solo channel

⛰️ Accomplishments / Milestones
  • I pushed through my Toastmaster of the Day stint! I'm so happy and proud of myself. The comments from the General Evaluator that day were very helpful to me, and I have taken note of that for my future roles in our club meetings. ✨
  • Finally finished with my development tasks in a major project at work. It was one project wherein I had a lot of firsts, that's why the learning curve was a bit steep for me. But finally, I was able to complete my assignments. 
  • I received a number of blog collaborations this month. 🙏✨

🧠Game Changers
  • WeSing. Thanks to some of our colleagues, I was able to discover this karaoke app. We've had a number of singing sessions since (even discovered a new colleague who is a great singer! 🎙️). We sure have missed doing karaoke, and with the ongoing situation, this online platform allowed us to enjoy each other's company in a virtual KTV.
  • Microwave oven. I suddenly had the aspiration to buy one for our home, and I discovered that it's true when they said that this is an essential in the kitchen. 😁
  • Lumosity. I subscribed for a free trial for this one, and I really enjoyed all the mind exercises that were in there. It further proved that multitasking is one of my weak areas. 😅
  • 4K TV. I bought one for my parents, after months of convincing that we already needed an upgrade (we had been using our old TV for nearly a decade now). It was so satisfying for me to see my parents watch the news in high quality video. They love watching horror movies, and now they can now clearly watch even those dimly-lit scenes. I also got to enjoy our new entertainment toy. This was where I watched some episodes of Hometown Chachacha. 💓
🎬 Movie / Series List 
Here and There
Sing Yesterday for Me
Turning Point 09/11
I'm Drunk I Love You
Squid Game
Hometown Chachacha

💡 Takeaways
  • I will be alright, someday.
  • "I am the result of the collective effort of everyone in this world, especially the people around me."
  • "It's not sacrifice, it's you giving what you have in excess." - Prim Paypon, BDJ summit
  • Everything is possible.
  • The Universe is inside me.🪐

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