New Year: New Me

January 18, 2022

January is here! Guess what's in the trend this month (every year)? NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! 

If you know me and this blog enough, you'll know that I don't really do new year resolutions. January just marks a new quarter for me, which is my cue in reviewing my past quarter's goals and listing a new set for the first quarter of the year.

It has always been a recurring theme for me, but I'm still having the "lose weight" in my goals list for this quarter and for the quarters to come until I reach my desired weight, which will have me within the healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). What is BMI, you ask? BMI is basically your health status based on your height and weight. For the longest time, this was my standard for my health. But I got to learn more about Body Fat Percentage (BFP), and it's concept just blew my mind. 🤯Basically, BFP is based more on the fat that is contained in your body. And reading more about it, it made more sense for me that it is a more effective guideline in checking one's health. It's possible to be within the normal BMI but still have a high measurement of BFP.

We know how BMI is calculated. It has the basic equation of weight (kg) / [height (m)]^2. But how about for BFP?

I found this website that has a handy BFP calculator and it allowed me to assess my physique: well it's the same, I'm still categorized as obese. 🤣 As much as I see it as an amusing matter, it's a serious and critical topic for me. I really need to lose some weight this year! 😖

And so, I'm starting the year right! I have always known that what I need is a lifestyle change. So here are some baby steps that I will do to regulate my food intake:

  1. Eat 1/2 cup rice in the evening.
  2. No more sugar on coffee.
  3. Eat a fruit in every meal.
  4. Exercise for 30 minutes every afternoon.
  5. Do 13-hour intermittent fasting.

For me, these five steps are highly doable. I will repeatedly remind myself to do this, via this Loop Habit Tracker app that I have recently discovered. Once I have gotten the hang of it, I will then amp up my exercise routine to burn more calories every work out session! Let's do this!💪

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