KDrama Review: Forecasting Love & Weather (Episodes 1-2)

February 27, 2022

Hey, it's been a while since I did something like this. The last time I did a Kdrama review was for Nevertheless while it was for It's Okay Not to Be Okay that I did an episode-per-episode review.  I want to do something similar to a comprehensive review, this time for this Korean drama currently streaming on Netflix entitled Forecasting Love & Weather.

I got interested in watching the drama because of Song Kang. Well, I really liked him in Nevertheless and I'm curious how he'd act under a different character. For this drama, he stars with Park Min Young, which I'm familiar with since Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

I seriously considered dropping this drama, but because of some opinions on Reddit, I gave this another chance (and I'm glad I did!). And I didn't expect that storyline on the second episode, that's why I decided to continue this because I think this is not your conventional Korean drama. 😘

Ha Kyung is a passionate meteorologist so it's no surprise that she wears a lot of formal office clothes.

I love the chill sounds of the drama. This is my favorite track so far. 😍

So far, I'm loving the mood of this drama, although I'm still not rooting for any character. Let's see on the next episodes!

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