Minuet in D Minor, Anh 132 - Bach [♬ ~ #36]

February 03, 2022

Maybe it's because of the new year, or maybe because I got so inspired with TwoSetViolin's passion for classical music, I really wasn't sure but I found myself playing the keyboard again this January. It was perfect timing also because I stumbled upon the piano subreddit again and saw the newly posted list of pieces for January's piano jam. I thought- this will be a great way to start the year!

Minuet pieces will always be a challenge for me to learn, even the simplest ones. I remember learning one years ago for a piano jam also and it was just so tricky for me.

Below is my attempt to play the piece, with all the mistakes unedited. 😆

Again, it was a challenging piece for me. There were parts that I really struggled with, even until now. But I noticed that the more I practiced, the easier it was for me to glide on some parts. That's the power of PRACTICE!💪

If you want to learn this piece also, here's the music sheet and this is how it's supposed to sound like. 😉

BONUS CONTENT: I'm currently studying another piece, and I am so excited to complete learning it. Below is what I can play so far, which is around half of it. I really fell in love when I first heard this piece. Luckily, it was almost easy to learn. Hopefully I will be able to post the whole composition by next month! 😀🎶🎹

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