Cool Websites: Drinkify -- Matching the Perfect Drink to Your Music [★]

December 10, 2011

Love music? Cool.

Love drinking? Double cool.

Know the right drink for the right music? No? Well I found this one website interesting. 

I'm listening to ___. What should I drink?
Drinkify It's a very simple yet appealing website that suggests the user a drink that matches well to the genre of the music of the artist entered. 

The logic behind it? It actually utilizes some input from for the music background of the artist.

Based on the Drinkify wiki page, this website uses :
  • The Echo Nest (
    • List of terms/genres that describe an artist
    • Audio summaries of top tracks (are their songs slow or fast, etc)
  • (
    • Artist and album images
    • Artist name spelling corrections
    • List of most-played tracks per artist

    Try it on your favorite artist! :)

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