Playing By Ear [♬ ~ #1]

December 24, 2011

I always yearned to learn to play the piano. As a child, I would play our electronic keyboard and play some single melody notes with one hand. As I grew up, I learned more about piano playing through a Grade 1 in piano lessons booklet. With that, I learned to read the notes and match it with its key on the keyboard. After learning that, I was able to play some songs by reading the music sheets.

However most of the time, I don't have with me a music sheet of that song that I want to play. That's when I attempted to play them by ear, meaning to study the song and its notes by listening to it.

Here's two of my attempts for the introduction notes of DBSK's Why Did I Fall in Love for You and JYJ's Long Way.

  Playing By Ear by katalinarosario

On my next piano post, I will put recordings of some music sheets that I studied. :D

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