Making a To-Do List with a Database [☉ ~ #2]

December 18, 2011

So it's time to program again with the Droids! :D

Last time, a basic To-Do List application was made but without a database. This is why when you close the program, the list that you made will not be recovered anymore.

This time, we will make that To-Do list again with connection to a database (SQLite).

* For setting up an actual Android device, follow the instructions here:

By the way, there is a change on my workspace setup. I am now using Eclipse Indigo with Android SDK plugin and an Android 2.3 emulator.
The missing part in my last session's code of the todo-list is the database. The key is creating a ContentProvider. Extend this class and override the methods. This is where the codes for delete, insert, update, query are.

In our internal training at the office, we coded for the functions of insert, update and delete records. I couldn't post the actual code here, so I'd just be summarizing our activities.

Looking forward to future sessions! :D

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