Cool Websites: Pottermore - Reliving the Harry Potter Story [★]

December 18, 2011

I AM A HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN. Yes, I am a Potterhead. That's why when I learned that a site will be opened that will make the journey to Harry's world more fun and exciting and that JK Rowling herself will participate in the site, I got really thrilled. I waited for that Magical Quill each single day of that Magic Quill Challenge week. Thankfully, I was chosen to become a Beta user of Pottermore. :D

Yes, they are STILL in Beta... and it's already December. :o

For those who don't have access yet to the site, here's  a sneak peek on what's in store in the site:

The site's gateway

 1. There is a walk-through along the chapters of each book.

You can relive the story of each chapter. It's complete with illustrations and additional story facts straight from the author herself! Also, there are mini games in some of the chapters.

I'm a Badger. Yay!

2. You will get sorted to a house.

YES!! This is one of the most exciting part of Pottermore. You will be presented with a series of questions and based there, you will be sorted to a house. :)

3. A wand will be given to you.

Of course! What's the point of being a wizard without having your primary weapon? Wandmaker Ollivander himself will provide this for you during your visit in Diagon Alley before boarding the Hogwarts Express.

Brew... brew.. brew!!

4. You can brew your own potions!

Harry might not have loved his Potions class in Hogwarts, but we would surely enjoy this in Pottermore! There are several Potion recipes that are available and you can make them, provided that you have the complete ingredients. You must follow the recipe instructions VERY CAUTIOUSLY. Doing it wrong may cause the potion to explode, and points will be deducted to your house. :O

Show your duelling skils!

5. It lets you duel with other users.

You will never get detention for this, trust me. This is another way for your house to get points! Wizard's duel in Pottermore might not what you think it is. All I can say is that winning will be based on your precision and timing. (I really hope they change the duel mechanics because I find it boring. :O)

Uh oh. We are losing. T.T

6. There is a competition for the House Cup.

The House Cup spirit is on! There are many ways to earn house points in Pottermore. The key ingredient to win is to be active on the site -- brew potions, add friends, duel, and collect items scattered within the book chapters.

Potterheads will surely enjoy this site. There is only one thing that I find missing here -- Q-U-I-D-D-I-T-I-C-H.  Well c'mon. What's Hogwarts without Quidditch? I really hope they set up a section in the site for users to play it. I would really love to swack badgers and catch the golden snitch! :D

As of this writing, there are still no announcements on when the site will be open to the public. I think the dev team are still on the works, and I understand them. ;) I just hope it would be soon, so that more people can experience the magic of Harry's world all over again. :)

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