KPOP Christmas 2011 :D [❁]

December 23, 2011

When I learned that this was the theme of our Christmas party, I was thrilled. :)) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Not many know this (even most of my colleagues)... I am the culprit of our Kpop-themed Christmas party. *evil laugh*

This started when my project manager started to like this Korean girl group SNSD (
소녀시대, also called Girls Generation). During overnight sessions at work, while the team is doing bug fixes, our PM would always be there for supervision. Since he doesn't have anything to do, he would watch SNSD videos. Everyone knows that I'm into kpop. So I was like introducing him to some of the SNSD members that I'm familiar with. 

One time while we were eating at the client site, our PM brought up the subject of our company's Christmas party this year. The conversation trailed to the theme of the party. I exclaimed 'KPOP' and everything seemed to settle into place. They thought it's a great idea because it's the trend today (here in the Philippines) and many of my colleagues are into KPOP also (well at least into SNSD I guess). I even discovered that the president of our company (the president's a female) is a fan of Big Bang! How cool is that! Maybe that's why that theme was approved by the mancom when it was suggested during a meeting. :D

It really is a dream come true! When the party finally came, I was so enthralled to see the people in kpop costumes. We danced and swayed to different kpop hits!! The playlist that I submitted to the MC was played during the start of the party.

This is definitely a year to remember. :)

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