Dining with a Cause [★]

April 06, 2012

I am falling in love with this cafe.

I discovered Advocafe just a few weeks ago. I've dined twice, and I say I prefer this more than those Chinese restaurants that I've been through within the area.

They also have an awsome-looking site. FTW.

At first look, the cafe have this sophisticated atmosphere which I think made us aloof of the place. Good thing our project manager brought us there when we did weekend overtime work. Actually, the food there is cheap, even cheaper than the meals that we usually buy at neighboring stores. 

 The cafe, even though it is small, is beautifully arranged.  Looking at the wall posts and decorations, we have discovered that this is a cafe with a cause. They support indigenous people. Actually, 100% of the profits go back to these people. The coffee beans that they use on their drinks come from the harvest of the farmers that, in return, they support with the cafe's earnings. 

Upon arrival of our food, I noticed first-hand that they are using a different variety of rice. I'm not sure but I think it is red rice. The presentation of the food was good too. I love their ice coffee and cold kalamansi drink (I consumed these in separate visits, don't worry ;p). 

Even the waiters and the cashier are very friendly too. They would serve our orders with all smiles. :D

I would definitely come back here often. It's nice to discover something that is worthwhile of one's support. :D

Their menu says the karrot cake is one of the specialties of the house. I'd love to try that on my next visit.


[update - April 10, 2012]

I dropped by Advocafe on my way home, and I bought their karrot cake! :D

The partially-murdered karrot cake of Advocafe

Taste Buds Rating : ★ [4/5]

It tasted good, though eating one slice is more than enough. :)

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