Change of Goals [✏]

April 11, 2012

"As time goes by, there will be changes in perspective."

If you have no idea what this is all about, read this.

I reviewed the initial goals that I listed here when I started to create this blog. Some of them are still applicable as of today, but there are some that I believe have been excluded from my list of priorities. So as soon as this entry is posted, changes in my goal list will take effect and will now be composed of the following:

[☾] be a good astroscenic photographer
[] finish the Dong Bang Island 2nd Anniversary Memorabilia
[] learn to play the piano
[] learn to cook
[] diet
[] learn to develop an Android app
[] learn to write and speak in Korean (Hangul) *new*

I am suspending my attempt to learn Japanese for now, because Hangul has taken my interest more recently. I believe this is way easier to learn than Japanese. And besides, this is the language of several of my favorite musicians (JYJ, TVXQ! and 2NE1). I also watch some tv series from Korea so this will be extremely helpful.

Meanwhile, I am totally cancelling my idea of making a trip to Korea itself. Because of recent events, I have realized that I really don't have enough money yet to think of ways of splurging it. I need to save enough first to have a sense of security. Until then, I will focus on saving the money for more important things.

I am targetting to fulfill all of these goals (and more!) this year.

Aim high! :D

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