Mesmerized with the ITunes Visualizer [★]

April 30, 2012

One day at the office, I saw one of my colleagues use his ITunes player. There were circles and colors swirling on his screen. It was actually the ITunes' Visualizer.

The animations and effects (not really sure how to call it) are very impressive. Apple is really something. I was mesmerized at how the lights and colors flow with the music. I just stared for it for sometime until I've gotten hold of myself. XD

The animation pattern is different for each song. Also, it changes when you pause then play.

Breathtaking visuals.

However after a while, the effects became like this...

and like this...

I think this has something to do with the memory card. xD 

Anyway, it was a really nice to look at. Both me and my colleague so loved it. If I get bored in the future, maybe I would just look at the visualizer to entertain myself. :D

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