Photography at the Kingdom [☾ ~ #11]

April 28, 2012

After months of reading how-to's and watching tutorials, here comes my first daylight "out-of-house" photography adventure! Aside from the fact that it was my first time to come to this amusement park, the trip made me more enthusiastic because I knew there a lot of great things there to be captured on photo.


My first mistake. Can you spot the difference?
As soon as I snapped the first image, I knew something was wrong -- the white balance setting. This feature of the camera controlls the intensity of the colors in the image depending on the lighting of the scenery. The left picture has its white balance set to fluorescent light (I guess I left the cam on this setting because I just did practice shots in my room at night), while the one at the right is set to cloudy. Notice how the colors aptly registered and blended on the right photo. :)

The amusement park is like a mini-town, with specially-built establishments around the area.

One technique to make your photos look better is by finding natural frames and using them in your picture. Natural frames can be trees and support poles of buildings, to name a few.

These frames add to the overall outcome of the image.


Macro shots almost always turn out good, like this one.


These photos demonstrate the effect of playing around the depth of field.

You can control the camera to focus on the objects at the forground...

... or at the background.


I am amazed at how the camera can still show details of objects even from a long distance. For an instance, take a look at this image of a plane...

If you zoom into the image, the plane can look like this:


This is one real treat that I got to experience in applying those photography lessons in practice.

There's this one attraction in the park called Animal Encounters. Our group was in the right place at the right time when their show started. I had the best position in the crowd to take neat photos of the animals. :D

The first animal that they showed to us is this little creature on the left. I'm not sure what's it called (I'm pretty sure they told us, though I was too focused taking pictures that the info barely registered to my brain hehe).

It has spikes that are used to cover its body when an intruder is within perimeter.

The bird seems to be greeting the crowd. :D The next animal was an eagle. I love how striking its eyes looked. It even posed for us! 
Next is a night owl! He's so cute! :D 
Sleepy eh?
He looks rather sad. Poor thing. He's nocturnal. Maybe he didn't have to get some sleep yet.
They also showed us a huge turtle! It was so big! 
The turtle happily ate some leaves in front of us. It was so adorable. :D
For the finale, they brought out a snake. It was really big and long. They let us touch it. This yellow snake is commonly used on shows because it has a very tamed nature. They even let children carry this reptile. ~NIGHT SCENE~ As soon as the sun settled down below the horizon, the scenery changed. One by one, lights were turned on around the park making the place look more magical.
Venus (that bright star on the upper center) and the Wheel of Fate
Night shots are rather more tricky to capture because your hands should be really steady to avoid blurs, especially if you are not using a tripod.
However, you can just turn the flash on to minimize blurs. However, the picture won't capture the natural lighting of the surroundings. ~FLOWING WATER EFFECT~ And yes, I finally had a more decent subject than the last one for this effect!
The water droplets on this one are a bit out of focus. ><
Then came the fireworks display at 7pm! Of course, I didn't dare to miss this. :D
Since it was not my first time to photograph fireworks, I easily got the hang on this one. 
The magic stays with you. :)
Yay! I am so glad I finally put into practice some of the theories I've learned. One thing though, I learned that the recommended exposure time of the camera doesn't need to be followed each and every time. It should still depend on the photographer's technique.
'Til the next photo session! :D
Thank you EK! :D

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4 (mga) komento

  1. Nice shots! Love the photos. It really is fun to take photos. And to discover a lot of things and create your own techniques to capture a moment. :D Good luck on your next photo session.

  2. @loisy: Thanks so much! I'm just a beginner and there's a lot of room for improvement. Yes indeed! Photography can be addicting. :D

  3. So glad that you let an anon comment on your blog.

    Anyway, I really loved your macro shots. As a beginner you are pretty good. You're natural.

    I have one comment though, or more like a tip (though I'm not pro myself, and I'm suggesting this as a viewer). Some of the pics have so much details that the subject is kind of being overshadowed by it. One good example is the firework display, the picture and the color was great but there's lot of details that distracting the audience from the subject per se.

    Good luck!

    - Silent Reader

  4. @Silent Reader: Now that you said that, I've began to notice the unnecessary details in some of the shots too. Thank you for pointing that out. :D


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