My Recommended Android Apps [★]

April 30, 2012

I love my smart phone. It has been my buddy for doing lots of things -- from getting the latest updates on social networks and blogs, to organizing things that I need to do, and to discovering music from new artists.

Whatever you want your smart phone to be -- a playmate, music buddy, or just a source of useful information, there are lots and lots of applications in the Google Play Store (once Android Market) that can be very useful. This is one of the things that I love about Android. <3

The following are the applications that I frequently use on my phone which you might find useful too:

There are many good camera applications available in the market. One of the best app there (that is for free by the way) is Camera 360. It has lots of effects that can be applied to the photo like Enhance, LOMO, Light Color, HDR, Retro, Sketch, Dreamlike. Through the updates, it even added new effects like the Magic Skin and Huge Head. One of its photo effects, the Ghost, entertained me for some time because it inserts ghost images in your photos to create a creepy effect. :D

See the ghost? :D

This is the perfect app for anyone who wants their notes organized and accessible anywhere. Together with its desktop  and web app counterpart, accessing and arranging your notes have never been this easy. Notes can be grouped into notebook and notebook stacks (a group of notebooks). Evernote syncs all files to an online server and can be accessed through any device with internet connection. Having this app in my smart phone made my notes organization even portable. 

This is one great SMS app! I highly recommend this. From the neat UI to the functionalities, it goes beyond the expectations of a free SMS app. (Actually I patronize all applications made by GO Developers).

I follow several blogsites. I want to be updated with the latest posts, and this is one RSS reader that I've come to love because it is so easy and convenient to use. It has a built-in reader (instead of opening a separate internet browser) when fetching reading materials online. It also offers options to save it to cache for later reading and to favorite some items to keep them accessible in case you want to reread them.

I've just recently installed this on my phone. I've been finding an application just like this all this time. I was disciplining myself for the past few days and this is be a great help in tracking my progress in developing good habits.

I'm using a low-end Android phone (in terms of memory xD) and most of the time I run out of memory space. This app is a great way to delete unnecessary data in cache all applications (and more) in one go. 

If you're growing tired of the songs on your playlist and you want to discover fresh music, this app can help you. Input an artist that you like and see if there is a 'station' available for that artist. Through that 'station', you can listen to songs from that artist and also from others of the same genre. 

This is a heaven-sent app for me. I've been following this one morning show on radio but there are times that I don't get to listen to them because of work. Through this app, I can download their podcasts and listen to it anytime anywhere! Basically you need to get the url for the feeds, load episodes to your phone, select through them, and tada! It will begin downloading and you'll be happily listening to the podcasts in no time. :D

I'm an astro buff, and having this app in my phone is very useful in tracking upcoming meteor showers. It gives updates of an upcoming meteor shower peak and also gives info about the moon phase during the peak hours of the shower (because moonlight would significantly affect the number of visible meteors across the sky).

Not all the time I have my phone's data cable with me so this app is useful for out-of-the-blue data transfers from phone to pc. 

I love thought-provoking speeches. I love ideas that matter. If you do also, then have this app on your phone, and feed your mind.

I'm a twitter addict!! I know everyone would agree if I say that the official Twitter for Android lacks several things, and sometimes too slow to process and load tweets. There are much better twitter clients out there and this is one of them. It is even crowned by lifehacker as the best twitter client for Android.

I can list down more actually, but these are currently the applications that I have on the phone. It's just a few, because these are only the applications that I managed to install on the phone given its very limited memory space (T__T). If you can recommend more apps, feel free to comment below. I would love try them out. :D

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  2. @Ramya: Thanks! Just visited the Zahdoo site. Those are interesting apps you have there. :)


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