A Trip to an "Enchanted Kingdom" [★]

April 25, 2012

It was my first time to visit this amusement park. Located in Sta. Rosa Laguna, it's merely a two-hour drive south of Manila.

The beautiful fairy-tale-like designed entrance of the park

I've always heard of this though I was not able to visit it during my childhood. xD 

Here are the rides and attractions that we were able to visit:

 Rialto Theatre

This theatre gives an interactive show for its audience because the chairs move with the movie, making you feel like you are inside the movie.

Now showing at the Rialto

As for our visit, the show was the "Journey to the Center of the Earth." It's roughly a 15-minute movie which narrates how three people, a man and two children, escaped from the depths of the earth. Scenes of fast riding a tunnel train, falling into water, and rolling down the mountain hills flash before the audiences' eyes while the chairs rumble, shake and tilt with the scene.

 Flying Fiesta

Indeed, you will be flying on this ride. With chairs tied with ropes attached at the top of the rotating center structure, you will be given the thrill of flight as the centripetal force swings you outward.

 EKstreme Tower

This. is. extreme. ><

This tower will surely make you scream for dear life. xD

Roughly 150 feet high, riders will experience almost free-falling action as the ride goes down the tower.

I didn't join my friends on this one, because I just drank buko juice. I don't want to puke while up there. (-__-) The experience seemed very exciting though.

Space Shuttle


I just had to caps lock all the letters for emphasis. This is the ultimate ride of the park. After riding this one, you'll be thinking Ekstreme Tower is so chicken. xD

It has not just one...
... but two 360-degree loops. T__T

The ride will go to the 360-degree loops 4 times, first two forward and the other half going backwards. The latter one is the most thrilling. It felt like my soul would separate from my body. xD

This is the most extreme ride I've ever had in an amusement park. 

Aside from these, we also visited Rio Grande Rapids (where we got really really wet), Dodgem, and Anchors Away.


I was so happy it felt like Christmas when I got home. I want to try the Wheel of Fate and Kart Track when I get a chance to return to this park. :D

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2 (mga) komento

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed EK. You should really try the EKstreme Tower. Amazing experience.

  2. Thanks! I really had a great time. I would definitely try that one next time I come to the park. :D


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