ANC Airs Forum on Cybercrime Law [☝]

October 17, 2012

Last October 10, 2012, ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) aired a forum about the controversial cybercrime law inviting law experts, IT experts, members of the NBI, and political leaders to share their views about the issue.
"Anonymity is one of the biggest challenge of the cybercrime law."
This is what they pointed out at the start of the forum, and I couldn't agree more. In all the laws that govern the 'real-world', this is one great difference that lawmakers would face if they were to implement the cybercrime law. 

Everything that is criminal in the real world should be criminal in the virtual world. This was the argument that served as the basis of approval by most congressmen in the passing of the law.

Listening to his arguments during the forum, it is clear that Teddy Boy Locsin is against the cybercrime law. And he states and I paraphrase:

With great power comes responsibility, and with freedom comes the responsibility to protect it against people who want to snatch it away from you. 
In the implementation of this law, it seems that the interests of certain groups of people are being protected. 

Regarding the part on online libel, I learned that there's this argument, that a lawyer can raise, that Twitter/Facebook is a publication, that's why libel cannot really be applied to it. Christopher Lao was also present during the forum and he stated that he is for the law. Remember that he became a subject of intense cyber bullying after a report of him scurrying through the flood waters was aired. Locsin said that Lao should have filed a case of libel against those people who posted nasty things about him online.

Meanwhile, it is unclear if the law would actually return for amendments in Congress. Malacanang stands beside the law, which is not really a good sign for everyone who opposes it.

I remember way back when I was in high school, a classmate wrote in one of our English projects that our substitute English teacher was better than our official one. She said that the original English teacher was not that good. Unfortunately, our original teacher read it and she was furious mad when she went to our class to give us a lecture. She said that she can file a case against that kid because of what she had written. She mentioned libel. Looking back now, I think it was a ridiculous argument because that was just a student's opinion. She has all the freedom to say what she wants to say. I guess that situation applies to what the cybercrime law touches today. With that law, freedom of speech would surely be hampered.

For the new generation, let's take this opportunity to voice out our concerns. This is an impending law that will affect us all, and will change the internet as we know it.

We've got less than 120 days everyone. I hope that the amendments made to this law would make this just and fair for everyone.

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