Recipes - Essential for Delicious Cooking [♨ ~ #5]

October 09, 2012

It's been a long long while since I last posted a step forward among my goals in my list. Although nothing is to worry about that because I'm actually doing my steps in real life, it's just that I didn't have time to update my progress here in my blog.

One example is my cooking goal. In reality I am making much development offline. I have already tried to cook a lot of dishes, thanks to the cook books that my sister gave to me. ^__^

cook books c/o my sis ^__^

It was actually my first time to cook this dish. It's really simple to do. I was amazed at how the pig's blood changed color as I stirred the dish on the pan. I just made one little mistake -- I poured in too much vinegar. xD

Taste Buds Rating: [4/5]

Chicken Adobo with Pineapple Tidbits
This dish has always been one of my favorites. I have made this one perfect. 

yummy! :D~
Taste Buds Rating:  [5/5]

Banana Pancakes
I never added bananas on my pancakes before. Through one recipe that I read, I learned that calamansi juice can actually be sprinkled on the bananas before mixing them with the pancakes. Although I need to master creating a perfect pancake dough. xD

Taste Buds Rating:  [4/5]

Pancake Wraps
Though the picture of this on the recipe book is quite scrumptious, it was not like that when I actually made it. Maybe because of the size proportions of the ingredients and of the plating itself. All the same, it tasted great. :)

Taste Buds Rating:  [4/5]

Oatmeal Chicken Nuggets
I am forever a fan of crispy fried chicken! When I read this recipe, it was quite simple to make, really. It was a totally new idea for me to add oatmeals as crunchy coating for the chicken. Since we didn't have bread crumbs during that time, I just grinded some Sky Flakes crackers and it blended well for the coating! :D

Taste Buds Rating:  [5/5]

Pork Teriyaki Don
Marinating pork overnight surely produces great results, just as what became of this recipe. I love how the flavor of the marinade seeped through the meat.

Taste Buds Rating:  [5/5]

With this one, it was my sister who cooked it. I was just the one who prepared the ingredients. We weren't able to perfect the coating of the hotdogs. We'll practice more on cooking this one.

Taste Buds Rating:  [3/5]

Creamy Scrambled Eggs
It's the fried eggs that you've always known, but with a little twist. The recipe said "add some all-purpose cream" and so I did. The texture was indeed creamy, but nothing beyond the usual taste. 

Taste Buds Rating:  [3/5]

Arroz A La Cubana
I was able to achieve the right taste, however there were no ground pork available so I settled for thin pork slices (that would have been perfect for a dinuguan dish). But it still tasted good.

Taste Buds Rating:  [4/5]

Potato Salad
I was trying to imitate that dish that was being served in our client's canteen. My version didn't have much ingredients, just potatoes and the mayonnaise and some seasonings. It tasted okay for me. I even had our lead QA taste my creation. xD She commented that it tasted good, just add a little more salt. Hehe I was a little embarrassed but happy all the same because at least I know where I should improve.

Taste Buds Rating:  [3/5]

This is the most number of dishes that I've tried for the last few months! I am starting to enjoy cooking. :D Although for now I can't really cook without following a recipe, I know by trying more dishes I would be comfortable and knowledgeable enough to cook something of my own. Also, we are planning to buy an oven! Yay! I would love to try baking cookies and all that stuff. I think the kitchen would become a busy place for the following months to come. ;)

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