Subspace Coffee House: A Comfy Korean Cafe Within the Busy Metro [★]

October 28, 2012

After visiting the kikay barkada, Danae and I went to this Korean cafe that we've seen on the internet called Subspace Coffee House which we discovered to be just walking distance from the RX Station. It's located on the ground floor of Grand Emerald Tower along F. Ortigas Jr Road.

Subspace Coffee House (photo credits:

It turned out to be the perfect hangout place for me.  You ask why?

#1: Cozy Ambiance
The interior of the cafe looks so homey and classy, because of the eye-candy furnishings. The cafe occupies only a small area (having around 6 tables, if I remember it right) but it was comfortable. There's a lot to see inside so I couldn't help but look around the moment I got in.

The cafe has the perfect environment for a good chat with friends.

There are lots of unique items displayed around the cafe. Also, the soft lighting of the area exudes the feeling of being in your own room at home. All these elements add to the relaxing aura of the place. Surely, the person who designed the place has a great taste for style. I loved everything - from the tables and chairs, to the combination of colors and the arrangement of the furniture around the cafe. It was all strategically planned to maximize the space. I bet the place looks even better at night. :D

I don't know what these things are for. Hmm ancient calculators? :o

There are chairs hanging on the ceiling!

I wonder if customers could actually borrow and read these books. xD

Apparently, the cafe has been existing for a year now, well according to these sticky notes with dedication messages.

#2: Scrumptious Menu

The cakes and breads look all tasty! If only we could taste each and every one of them. xD We ordered a slice of Oreo Cheesecake and their signature milk teas. 

Subspace's Oreo Cheesecake. Now that's what I call plating. My eyes are already repleted.

#3: Wifi Available

Wifi access is free upon minimum purchase of P150. Also, there are power plugs around the cafe for your gadgets, and it's free of charge!

#4: Blasting KPOP Music 

The previous reasons already create a cafe that's good enough for me, but this fourth one just made Subspace my top choice! During our visit, they were playing Big Bang tracks. We requested songs to the crew, and asked them to play Shinee songs (as per Danae's choice xD) and they were kind enough to grant our wish. Within seconds, Sherlock was heard playing in the cafe.

Actually, there are KPOP merchandise for sale at the counter. There were albums, DVDs, shirts, and hangul name tags.

KPOP stuff for sale!

I so much enjoyed the place! It feels like home to me. xD 

I must return to this place soon. :D

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