Meeting the Kikay Barkada Once Again [★]

October 26, 2012

I have been wanting to visit the RX booth for the longest time, but I hardly didn't have the time. The last (and first) time we saw CDG was during the book signing in Makati. Then came the holiday Friday this week and my friends saw this as an opportunity to visit the booth at last! Unswayed by the rains of an outgoing typhoon and the comfort of the cold bedsheets, Danae, a very good friend of mine, and I arranged to meet to go to the booth this morning.

Journey to Strata 2000
Google maps proved to be very useful in our journey to the RX station. Good thing Strata 2000 is just a quick 10-minute walk from the Ortigas station of MRT. 

Monster RX 93.1 is located at the 17th floor.

Meeting the security guards of the building made me think that the common knowledge (among rushers) that they are snobbish is just a hoax. I had no problem with the guard that met us. We just said that we were going to the RX station to visit the booth. He then made us write on a log sheet, give our IDs, and then he gave this little paper to be signed by any RX Personnel. After that, we were good to go! :D

First Sight of the Kikay Barkada
Entering the left door at the reception area leads you to the room where the kikay barkada (and the rest of the DJs of the station) do their on-air work. When we arrived, they were currently interviewing Mark Nelson about a sports event I think (I could barely hear them from outside). The walls of the room seem to be sound-absorbing because I get this sensation like one side of me is deaf when I face my ear towards the wall.

Marc Nelson (and this other guy that I don't know) with the Kikays!

The numerous KBP golden dove trophies displayed across the room were difficult to ignore. These awards show that RX is really the best radio station out there!

Monster Radio's birdies! Proof of their hardwork. :D

We arrived at around 9:40AM, just in time for us to hear a half-batch of the top 10 entries. Today, they were doing 'The Top Ten Multo Problems' because it's Halloween next week! 

The kikays at work!
Being in the booth and hearing their conversation was just like listening to the radio, only this time with accompanying visual details. Chico is really funny! The rushers all laughed along with his jokes. :D 

Meeting the Rushers
Speaking of rushers, there were around 20 of us in the booth (lesser than what I expected, given that it was a holiday). We were able to meet (finally) @JRhyan and @butterbaby30, two of the many loyal and hardcore rushers of the show. :D They warmly welcomed us, and even introduced us to the other rushers who were already there. It was amazing that Ina (butterbaby) actually remembered every person's name there! It almost felt like I was entering a school org again, and I was an applicant, and Ina is from the Resource cluster of the org, recruiting apps. LOL! She's so friendly! Because of that I had the courage to ask for her autograph and take a picture with her, together with JRhyan. :)

with @JRhyan and @butterbaby30, two hardcore rushers!

I also got to meet @__WestIce__ who, like us, is a first-timer at the booth. We followed each other in twitter and even encouraged us to be active rushers. There's Abi and Lala too, and one of them (forgot who, sorry!) turned out to be a batchmate in UP. So that's why she looked familiar! :D

Epic Pic With the Kikays!
Finally the show was over. Chico, Gino and Del removed their headsets, and it was our cue to approach them. Again, thank you to Ina (butterbaby) for leading us on (because we were so shy) and for taking the pictures for us!

With the sleepy Ginoboi xD
We also got his autograph for the TMR book. :D

Ginoboi's sleepy authograph

With Chico! I don't know why but looking at this picture always makes me smile (and grin :B)

Epic Pic with the Kikay Barkada!
It was so nice to finally meet the people behind the witty entries that we hear on The Morning Rush. 

Thanks Chico, Del, and Gino, and the rest of the rushers! We enjoyed the visit. Hope to be back soon! :D


Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor are radio DJs of RX 93.1. You can catch their show The Morning Rush every weekday (Monday to Friday), 6AM-10AM and every last Saturday of the month, 6AM-9AM.

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4 (mga) komento

  1. Hi! My friends and I have been wanting to visit tmr for the longest time! Im glad I got to read your post about it! :D

    By the way, is there like a viewing area for the visitor/rushers who would want to want the show live? It seems that from your post, you could only approach the DJs once the show is over. Hope to hear from you soon! :D

  2. @Mindy:

    Hello fellow rusher! Actually there's an area on one side of the booth for visitors. I dunno if you actually can, but most of us did not approach them while the show was still on because they were busy looking on papers etc. They were doing small talk to some of the rushers while a song was playing on-air (kina butterbaby, eh kami nahihiya kaya nakatingin lang kami sa kanila haha!). You can watch them do the show live, iisang kwarto lang naman yun eh. Go visit them. :D Everyone's friendly there. ;)

  3. Thank you very much for the tips! I hope we can visit them soon haha.

    Hope to meet you in the future! :D

  4. @Mindy:

    You are very welcome! ^^ I would suggest you visit them during their Rusher EB day (every last Saturday of the month). Hope to see you there too!


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