My Christmas 2012 Wish List [❁]

October 23, 2012

The Yuletide Season is certainly fast approaching (as well as my birthday! xD) and because of that, I thought of listing down some of the things that I wanted to get this Christmas (and in the near future). This is the first time that I'm actually doing this! I didn't bother making one when I was a kid (and I don't know why, maybe because I knew I would never get them anyway haha).

[update: Finally! I've bought a digital keyboard! I'll make a post about it soon! :D -accomplished- ]
[update again: Here's the post!]

I always wanted to learn how to play this instrument. This is one of my childhood dreams. I've always been self-studying and thanks to the internet, especially YouTube, I was able to learn to play some songs. I have even performed some of them before an audience. Now, I want to take this learning to a higher level by actually purchasing a better piano - with more keys that are standard-sized. We have a Casio mini keyboard at home with 40 keys. This is where I learned playing. However with that one, it was frustrating to play because of the size and the number of the keys available.

 I remember when I was in college, I was able to play one of the two upright pianos exhibited in the Vargas Museum. They were among the best pianos that I have ever laid my hands on. 


I had a little difficulty playing the pieces that I use to play because I was adjusting to the size of the keys of the piano. This is when I realized I need a new piano to practice on.


This is because I'm one astro buff. :D I'm not wishing to have a full-pledged telescope, first because it is not very practical (because of the cost of the equipment) and also because I'm just an amateur and I would be only using it for my hobby and not for research. 

Celestron FirstScope Telescope 
Actually, I already have a target -- Celestron's FirstScope. I planned to purchase one earlier this year after my love for the cosmos reignited during this year's Venus transit. However because of certain events (and because of a tight budget), I still haven't bought one. This one is perfect for beginners. It's good enough for moon and planet observations (although living in the city makes this a little frustrating to do because of the lights and the air pollution).

[update: My sister already purchased this. Yay! -accomplished-]

Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens
 Through the joint forces of me and sis, we were able to purchase a DSLR this year. My sister is a bigger fan of photography than I am actually. She's into fashion photography and the kit lens falls off her standards when it comes to shooting portraits, although I'm satisfied with it because it's okay for astroscenic photography. We are planning to buy the 50mm f/1.8 lens in the future. It would be great to capture good shots of my niece with that lens. I am curious on its capabilities so I would love to try to use one too.

[update: I already got one from the Sony Walkman E Series. Check it out here!]
Walkman® Z Series
I. L.O.V.E. M.U.S.I.C. It cheers me up when I'm depressed and helps me calm down when I am enraged with something. It's like drugs to me. It gives me inspiration (maybe this is why I'm so into musicians :O) and is and will always be my constant companion. You know when people say that they can't live without something? I have proved that with music. In my case, I can't live normally without music. I got withdrawal symptoms when my player got broken the last time. xD I'm a fan of Sony's Walkman ever since I got to listen to my sister's player and I love how the audio sounds like it is coming from inside of me, and not just from the earphones. 

Rest of my list include:


an additional external hard drive
[update: I already purchased one. Yay!]


new pair of chucks
[update: I've already bought one, and it's exactly the same as what's on this image. w(°o°)w

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book (because my sister haven't read this.. xD)
[update: I already purchased this... I have finished rereading it again actually. :D -accomplished-]

 JYJ in Manila
[This was supposed to happen. They were scheduled to visit Boracay on November but because of the damages brought by typhoon Haiyan to the country, the event was called off.]

TVXQ in Manila

Original 5 members of TVXQ to reunite as one group (T^T)

see Ramin Karimloo perform live on stage

my own laptop
[update: I already purchased one, but it's a Lenovo.]

go to Japan and visit the Studio Ghibli museum

 learn how to fly!

Haha! That list is going overboard. xD Though I seriously want to achieve some of the things I've mentioned. ;) Now you know what to give me this Christmas! ^________^


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