Creating Global Friends - Language is Not a Barrier Anymore [★]

February 14, 2013

The progress in technology has gone so far over the past century that it has made our current world seem like a smaller place to live in. You can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world through the world wide web and have real-time updates from a country even if you are actually situated on the other side of the globe.
Through this kind of hi-tech communication, making friends around the globe is now made possible and way way easier!

If you have a smart phone (Android/iOS), you might be interested to try Doki Doki Postbox and Kakao Talk. These are both available in Google Play and in Apple Store. Using these applications is one easy way to find a friend (mostly from Korea and Japan).

Doki Doki Postbox
This application with a very eye-candy interface has this simple functionality of finding a random penpal from around the world that you can chat with instantly. It's somehow similar to Omegle Chatbox but this one is a lot bot-free and very wholesome too.


The app has the option of selecting the scope of places where your postcard will be sent. You can choose to send it to local app users only or to anyone in the world. You can also specify your preferred gender (male, female, both).

Choose to send a postcard to a gal, a dude, or both.

You can send postcards as many times as you want. It could take time for the replies to come to your postbox, depending if the random recipients of your postcards are online and they send a reply right away. You have the option to reply to the messages immediately or to keep them for later reading. 

One functionality that I think is lacking in this application is the backtracking of the message thread after replying. What happens is that after you've replied to a postcard, the messages from that user is not visible anymore, not until another reply is received from him. 

Some users from foreign countries, especially from Korea and Japan, type in their native languages (Hangul and Katakana) in writing their messages. This can be really burdensome especially for non-speakers of their language. Good thing Doki Doki has this built-in translator. With just one click, Doki Doki translates the message to English.

That little button there at the upper right translates
messages to English.

Kakao Talk
Since the users in Doki Doki are anonymous, some people who have a good chat in there transfer to Kakao Talk. Kakao is one of the most popular social app in Korea today.


This is such an awesome chatting app, and I highly recommend this. It has so many great features, you have to check them out yourself. You can do 1:1 chat, group chat, and calls for free. The emoticons here are also so cute and witty!

Some of Kakao's cute emoticons.

Also if you love kpop (just like me!), this app is a must-have on your phone! Kakao has this Plus Friend feature that let's you follow some of the popular kpop groups and receive feeds and updates from their account!

These two apps are a killer combo to find friends from other countries. It's amazing what technology can do for us these days. ( ^∇^)

Of course in meeting people online, we have to be extra cautious because even how friendly they may seem to be, they are still strangers. :) 

Enjoy chatting!~

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