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February 24, 2013

I love weekends. Most people will have the same opinion as me, I am 100% sure of that. With a lifestyle of a five day work and a two day rest, I really treasure those 48 hours of being free to do whatever I want, especially because my field of work always just requires me to stare at my computer the whole day coding bugs and programs away. It's nice to do something different from that. As much as I want to go out during weekends, I would always prefer the comfort of home especially because this is the opportunity to do some "me time", and to bond with my family. :D

Weekend is my time to:

Hit the Books
Since there's not much time every weekday, I do my catching up on my to-read list every weekend. It relaxes me because it takes me to a place where all the rules of this world can be broken. By the way, I pledged to read at least 10 books for this year to challenge myself to finish everything from my list. :)

This is just the 'tip of the iceberg' of my bookshelf.

Relax and Mediate
I'm a fan of the practice of yoga. For a long time, I was looking for a form of exercise that I could do even at home, and this was the perfect one! I've enrolled in a yoga class during college and I enjoyed it very much. Actually, mastering it's discipline is included in the goals list of this blog.

This is my trusty yoga mat with the mag that I recently bought to improve my routine.

Create My Music
Weekends are also my time to play up some tunes on my piano! I've already learned some pieces in the past and currently I am studying Joe Hisaishi's Summer. Since the road of self-studying is a tough one, I have to practice consistently to improve my playing skills.

I am already half-way into finishing this piece. :D

And Especially, Bond With My Family!!
Weekends are my days for family, especially for my niece, Trish! I don't usually get to bond with her because when I wake up she's still asleep and when I get home from work, she's already asleep. xD That's why the weekend is our time to play!

Trish loves to play with her toys. Most of her stuffed toys came from her dad. We play with them in their room.


After doing all these fun activities in a weekend, the not-so-fun thing to do is the cleaning up of the mess (especially after playing with Trish), and also preparing food to regain our strength after playing with the toys.

Good thing there is something in the market today that can be relied on during times like this -- the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green and Powermix Silent Blender!

Powermix Silent Blender
After playing all day, children would surely be out of energy already and would be craving for food. For a healthier choice, it's good to feed them with some fruit shake! And this is just the perfect blender to do the job!

These are just a few of the key features of this wonderful blender.

This blender is one of its kind. It has a unique structure that let's it blend ingredients without producing much noise. 

Look here what these two moms have to say on this amazing product:

"[Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender] has a Sound Reduction System which reduces motor vibrations and promotes better airflow."
 "It has a triangular glass jar which creates a vortex effect, which means the blender pulls down the ingredients towards its four-wined stainless steel blades for better mixing."
"It has a step-less speed setting controls that are very simple for transitions into varying speeds."
 "It comes with a free filter to remove pulp and seeds and a mill grinder for dry ingredients."
"The jug's smooth inner surface prevents small bits from getting caught in between the grooves, and the stainless steel blades are conveniently removable. It also has a non-slip feet below it which makes it safe for use in the kitchen." 
The blender's sophisticated design adds up to it's selling points.
The blender has removable parts, making it safe and easy to clean. This is one of the major drawbacks in cleaning traditional blenders because  your fingers might get cut by the blades, so this is one more factor that sets this one off from a regular blender. 

It also has the fruit filter and mill grinder, which can be of great help in preparing ingredients for a simple shake, or a complete meal recipe.

It has the technology to minimize noise while blending.

I bet Trish would love this blender!
(blender not drawn to scale)

Ultra Silencer Green
 From what I've heard from people who have already tried this amazing vacuum cleaner, it's very efficient in taking in dirt and dust even though it hums very quietly. 

Mom of topazhorizon.com says:
 "It's a 1250W motor has the power of 2000W but consumes 40% less energy."
"It is designed to clean the exhaust air by 99.9% before releasing it back to the surroundings, that's why the hot exhaust air from it doesn't smell dusty."

 This is perfect, especially for homes who have young children and don't want them to be startled by loud sounds when cleaning around the house. Imagine, after lulling your child to sleep, you can still clean around the house with this silent vacuum cleaner.

This is one very eco-friendly vacuum cleaner! *thumbs up*

Trish usually does tantrums when woken up in the middle of her sleep. It's not just my aunt who gets stressed in getting her back to sleep. Her bawls can be heard throughout the house (and maybe even to some neighbors) and it's not pleasant to the ears, obviously. With this ultra silent cleaner, Trish can go to dreamland peacefully while us in the house cleans all the "remnants" of her playing.

I could clean up the mess while my niece sleeps soundly in the other room. :D
(vacuum not drawn to scale)

Also with these products I could look forward for a fruit shake after reading or doing yoga which is a very healthy routine by the way. My mom can also clean around the house while listening to me play the piano. That would be awesome!

Spending weekend at home is much happier when you get to bond with the family, and at the same time have some quality time for yourself (and you also don't get to spend that much money! :D). Good thing there are appliances out there that think of not just bringing in a quality performance, but also comfort to its users.

To know more about these eco-friendly products from Electrolux, visit:

Electrolux Website: electrolux.com.ph
Electrolux Twitter Account: twitter.com/electroluxPH 


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. This is an entry for one of Nuffnang's blog contests.

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