Inflicted With Jaejoong Fever [★]

February 02, 2013

It's no surprise to Jaejoong fans that our most loved singer is back with a new image. He has crossed to the genre of rock, fulfilling all the fantasies of us Cassies! Heck, I am more in love with him! (´ε` )♡ If in case you have missed the latest buzz about the hottest male artist of the kpop industry (he was recognized as such by the Philippine KPOP awards), here's a glimpse into his new music video.

On January 16, a new music video was released for Jaejoong's new single "Mine" coming from his first solo mini album "I". Mine is one rocking song that has a feel of angst but also sadness in it. We see a whole new image of Jaejoong because of the rock genre that he's embracing now. 

Is this mortal combat? Smoke, is that you? (・∀・)

The Mine MV excudes this punk rock aura that really suits the energy and angst of the song.

He has also transformed into one handsome vampire!

The cameras used for this MV is very high-end. I love how animals are used in the MV and that their every motion is captured in the film, especially that black dog with its dripping saliva in slow motion.

I must say, Jaejoong is wearing some weird costume in this one. First it was Junsu. Now Jaejoong is also sporting some black nail polish!

That's one Lady Gaga-ish costume. (`Д´*)

And that snake! It's a thrilling thing to see that snake curl around his neck!

Remember this vid when he kissed a snake? Jaejoong is such a snake charmer!

I am sure the scene below is one of your favorite moments in the MV - when Jae mimics playing the piano with his fingers in the air. This is one of my favorite too!

We also get to see Jaejoong's muscular body adorned with his iconic tattoos. And I think I'm seeing new ones. Jae, you really like being inked, eh?

TVfXQ Soul. Hope to the end.

His mini album consists of five songs, all of which are written by Jaejoong himself. My personal favorites are One Kiss, Mine and All Alone. When his mini album was officially released online, it topped the rock album category of Itunes of 9 countries in Asia. 

Recently he celebrated his birthday (January 26). It's been already a year since I posted this!.
Many rumors are circulating that Jaejoong will be coming here in the Philippines. Tweets from @seoulfm has so many hidden meanings that seem to scream "Hey he's definitely coming to the country!", even using the hashtag #kpopmanila2013 with lyrics of One Kiss in its tweets. I am just so hyped of the idea that he'd be here, that I would finally see 1/5 people I adore in the flesh!! I really hope that the rumors are all true (well I am 99.99% sure that it is!). 

For now, I don't have plans of healing from this fever yet. I am enjoying the disease. Rock on Jae! o(‧”’‧)


All images are screencapped from Kim Jaejoong's official 'Mine' MV using VLC Software.
All copyrights belong to C-JeS Entertainment.

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