Travel to Korea in Kpop/KDrama Style: A Fangirl's Guide to Conquering the Land of the Hallyu Wave [★]

February 11, 2013

I really want to visit Korea. This is like one of my greatest dreams. I have come to love kpop and kdramas for the last half decade and visiting the country where it all came from would be one huge accomplishment for me! This is why when me and my sister heard of this book entitled 'Travel to Korea in KPOP/KDRAMA Style', we really anticipated its release to see what it has in store for us. We waited for almost a month for the book launch, and finally it's here!!

Ros Hoo, the author (right), talking to a representative from Korea Tourism Organization (center)

Registration table at the book launch

Littlemisshoo, which is the pen name of the author, is a Singaporean lady who has fallen in love with the Korean culture and has visited the country several times already. Her book offers information on places in Korea that became shoot locations of popular kdramas and variety shows, restaurants of famous Korean personalities, and offices of entertainment agencies. Each page of the book includes in-detail directions on how to get there, the establishment's contact numbers and viewing times (if applicable), among others. This is the perfect handy book when traveling to Korea as a tourist, especially if you are a fan. 

Particular features in the book that interested me are~

~shoot locations for the following dramas/variety shows:

Secret Garden
You're Beautiful
Dream High
Boys Over Flowers
Coffee Prince

MBC - We Got Married - Dimple Couple

~restaurants and establishments owned by celebrities:

Park Yoochun's Timeout Gelato
Kim Jaejoong's CreBeau-Jeff
Miss A Suzy's Caffe Soo

Littlemisshoo talking about the restaurant where some of the episodes of the Dimple Couple of MBC's We Got Married was filmed

She shares her fangirl moment with a hallyu star!

During her ventures around Korea, she was able to meet one Kdrama star, Choi Tae Soon, in one cafe. I am not really familiar with this actor, but seeing her pics with him made me squeal inside, because I could just imagine if it was me and I got to bump into one of my favorite artists in a restaurant! (。’▽’。)♡

During the event, we also got to have our copies of the book signed and have a picture with her! 

That's my sister (left), asking littlemisshoo (right) to sign our copy of the book!
me, sis and littlemisshoo! :D (photo credits: littlemisshoo's fb page)

This is me with the author herself! :D

Thank you littlemisshoo for the autograph! :D

Readers who got to avail a copy on the day of the book launch had a 20% discount on their purchase. Also, aside from the book itself, there were lots of freebies given away, especially for those who also attended the workshop.

Korea overload!

Freebies include:

a hanbok bookmark
Korea Tourist Map
Korean Travel Guide
Riverside Bike Trails in Korea book
Korean Cuisine book
Korea (booklet with Colorful Sceneries of the Country's Tourist Spots)

All attendees of the workshop also got free Sparkling magazine back issues!

I am so happy I got to see and hear littlemisshoo's experiences on her Korea trips. I am now more excited to finally visit Korea! I am sure this book would be most helpful for me, especially in experiencing the most out of the places where my favorite kdramas were filmed and also in visiting the restaurants of my bias kpop personalities. I can't wait to see all of those places personally! Korea, I'll come to you pretty pretty soon. Wait for me!! Fighting!


For more information about the book, visit the author's site at

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