Rooting HTC Wildfire S = FAIL :( [✏]

February 26, 2013

I am just venting out my frustration over my (MULTIPLE) attempts to root my Wildfire S. There are lots and lots of tutorials online for this, but so far I am stucked with the step of setting the phone to S-Off, which would allow further modifications in the ROM of the device. Unfortunately, there are no working method for this yet. I think using XTC Clip is the only way to do this. Still, developers are not giving up in figuring this thing out. (HURRAY TO THEM!)

So far, the following are the methods that I tried to do, but did not work on my phone:

revolutionary (hboot version not supported!)

After going through these methods, I'm now left with a factory reset phone and a freshly reformatted SD card. *sigh* I guess I'll just spend the rest of this night reinstalling all my apps and restoring my files in the SD card. Good thing I've got a backup.

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