Food Trips: Bornga Korean Restaurant [☝]

April 13, 2014

I have been always on the lookout on new Korean restaurants to try out because I really love their cuisine! Aside from them being very healthy choices, it makes me appreciate their culture even more. This time, my latest discovery is Bornga (본가) Korean Restaurant.

It's located at the Alphaland Makati Place Mall, which is just walking distance from our office. It was my teammates who actually discovered the restaurant. I was not with them the first time they tried it because I had packed lunch with me. I heard lots of positive feedback from them so I was encouraged to try it out also. It turns out that the place is very nice. This is the kind of a restaurant where you won't be shy to take your boss with you. xD

their mouth-watering menu
If you are unfamiliar on the proper way to eat Korean food, especially their samgyeopsal (삼곂살) / grilled korean pork belly, they have instructions on the table. :D

The waiters cooked the porked meat that we ordered using this hot coal at the table. Don't worry, you won't smell like grilled meat upon leaving the restaurant because they have this silvery tube above the tables that suck the smoke in.

I was only able to take few photos of the food not just because I was so busy eating (it was that good!) but also I kinda felt awkward holding my phone and taking shots. I was the only one eager to take photos of the food on the table so I just did subtly. 

The best part in Korean restaurants is the unlimited side dishes! We ate to our heart's content.

As a dessert, we were served this drink which tastes like ginger tea.

It's a good thing this Korean restaurant is just near our workplace. So far, I've eaten there twice. Though our second time was a little stressful (because of a disrespectful waiter), I enjoyed the food very much! I recommend the Woo Samgyup, Dwaeji Gochujang Barbecue, Haemul Pa Jeon, Chadol Duenjang Jigae, and the Dolsot Bibimbap Among the side dishes, my favorites are that salad bowl (with vinaigrette dressing I think), and the raddish kimchi!

There are several items in the menu that I have not tried so I guess I would still return to Bornga soon! :D

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