Google Photos: That Annoying Auto Backup Feature [☝]

April 09, 2014

Don't get me wrong with that title above. I adore Google. This is why I chose having the Nexus 5 over that widely-anticipated iPhone 5. But of course there will always be something that will not be your cup of tea, and for me that's the auto back up feature of Google Photos on my Android phone.

This is actually a brilliant feature, because it secures copies of newly-created photos that I have from my Android phone as Google Photos back it up via the web. However, the catch here is that it also downloads ALL the other existing photos that you uploaded via your Google Account. This might work for light users as they get to see all their photos straight from their phone, but for me it is a nightmare. I maintain this blog and with the hundreds of posts that I have written for this site goes hundreds more of photos for each of them. The last time I checked I have 900+ photos now in the blog. Imagine downloading all of those photos into your phone!!! (,,#゚Д゚)

I think I am not the only one irked with this as there exists hundreds of posts of tutorials on how to turn off that auto backup feature (like this one from Lifehacker). The photos obviously would eat up lots of space in your mobile storage, and not all people would be happy with that.

My solution for this is to just log off from the Google account associated with the photos I wanted to get rid off, then log in again, unchecking the auto-sync for the photos from that account. Another one is to create a new account and sync your phone photos there.

My gallery is clean now. I don't think I would be using that feature for my blog account. I have now learned from that mistake. xD

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