LINE Games: Go! Go! Go!, Cookie and Party Run [☝]

April 09, 2014

LINE, a social application available in iOS and Android, does not only have fun chat features, it also has lots of awesome games! The games have been widely loved by users that the download statistics reached a total of 250 million hits worldwide!

I have only used the app mostly for chat so when I heard of this news, I wanted to try out the games.

LINE Go! Go! Go!

This is too slow to be downloaded... 86 parts to go? :O

LINE Go! Go! Go! is a racing game bundled with lots of extra missions to accomplish (collect coins, avoid obstacles, overtake the rival car). This game is the last one that I have tried among the three LINE games that is featured here because it took the longest time to be downloaded.

The game allows you to choose among different cars to be used in the race. Each one has its own powers that can be taken advantage on in the competition.

There are also extra items that can be purchased to make your car more powerful.

I am just slightly disappointed that the car, while on the race, is controlled via touching the arrow buttons on both sides of the screen. rather than the motion sensor of the phone. It would have been more fun with the latter one.

LINE Cookie Run

Cookie Run kind of reminds me of the old games that I play on my Nintendo Game Boy console, except that the character on this game is continuously running so the ←↑→↓ buttons aren't necessary anymore.

Instead of those buttons, there's a Jump and A Slide button on both sides of the screen that does what the name states.

Also you get to compete with friends who are also playing the game. :D

LINE Party Run

This is the game that I enjoyed the most, because it features familiar faces - the LINE gang which includes James, Cony, Brown, Sally and Moony among others.

The goal of the game is to catch the culprit that took your boss' valuables.

There's also a tutorial phase that is very easy to follow.

You can also make your character dress up different costumes, which is also bundled with a lot of additional features.

Now I understand why a lot of people download these games. It's so easy and fun to play! If you haven't tried playing the games, I recommend you do, especially the Party One app. ^____^

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