Food Trips: Sariwon Korean Restaurant [☝]

April 13, 2014

I really can't get enough of Korean food. This is why when my thesismates organized a get-together in a Korean restaurant, I instantly said yes! I hit two goals with this one -- I not just get to bond with my college friends, but also I get to try new food! :D

Our destination is the Sariwon Korean Restaurant located at Bonifacio Global City. I'm somewhat familiar with the place already but I have no idea where to find this restaurant. This is when Google Maps came in handy! However, I got a bit frustrated because the pointer in the map did not accurately show where the restaurant was. We had to look around a bit to finally see where Sariwon was.

This is what's displayed on the Google Maps on my phone. Apparently, Sariwon Korean Restaurant is located somewhere within the black oblong.

We didn't have any reservation but the crew was kind enough to accommodate us. We arrived there at past 6PM and they have this one table still reserved at 8PM so they gave us that table. Yay!

Rey and Mel, while waiting for our food. :D

It was all our first time in that restaurant so we didn't really know what to order. We decided to try this set.

This set came with a bottomless iced tea. :D

presenting the Sariwon banchan (side dishes)!!!:D
the grill on our table
This is where they would place the meat and cook it in front of us.

the lettuce, sesame paste, and garlic for the samgyeopsal... yum!!!
When the food came one by one, it all looked good and scrumptious!

It was all sooo delicious! (〃⌒▽⌒)八(〃⌒▽⌒〃)八(⌒▽⌒〃) I loved all of it! The set meal was for 3-4 pax so I thought there would be a lot of leftovers, but we were able to finish them all! :D

As a dessert, we were given this rice drink.

Yup, that's actually rice floating on this drink. xD
It was a feast on the eyes and on our tummies. We left the restaurant with such satisfied appetites! I really enjoyed our conversations of catching up with each other (because it has been years since we last saw each other) while eating such good food. We were still in high spirits when we went to the cinema to see Divergent. :D

I really enjoyed that day -- great company, fantastic food, and an awesome movie to cap up the experience. :D

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